Marshall's incidents Timeline

I am going to put down every single incident Marshall has been on the record for. All of this is from ESPN. To get a little bit of a more in depth look of these incidents go to the link provided and read through it. Keep in mind I will be doing the same timeline ESPN did just a lighting version.

Oct. 31, 2004: faced misdemeanor charges of trespass, resisting arrest without violence, disorderly conduct, refusal to obey and assault on a police officer. Charges Dropped.

April 8, 2005: Marshall was charged with retail theft, a misdemeanor, after trying to return a stolen set of bed sheets. (Sad). Charges dropped.

April 2006: Marshall was drafted by the Broncos in the fourth round of the NFL draft, No. 119 overall.

June 17, 2006: Rasheedah Watley incident. No charges filed

Dec. 31, 2006: "The Shelter" incident on New Years..

Jan. 24, 2007: Police responded to a parking lot outside an Orlando bowling alley where Marshall and his father had a heated argument. His father said Marshall threatened him with a gun and shot one time at him, he never signed a sworn statement and nearby witnesses said they hear no gun shots. Frederick Marshall also threatened to "ruin [Brandon's] professional football career," according to the police report.

March 18, 2007: Second Watley incident, Marshall punched her on the chin according to Watley after he discovered she was speaking with her ex-boyfriend. No charges filled or warrants taken out.

March 21, 2007: Marshall refused to ask Watley to marry him. According to a police report, while Watley was walking home, Marshall grabbed a large pipe from a construction site and hit the ground with it in frustration. Nobody was hurt. No charges filed.

March 26, 2007: Police in Douglas County, Colo., arrested Marshall for false imprisonment and domestic violence. I have already covered this incident in a post a very loooong time ago. This was a continuation of the Watley incidents.

May 25, 2007: Charges against Marshall relating to his arrest in Douglas County, Colo., were dismissed after he successfully completed anger management classes.

June 8, 2007: Watley suffered a cut on her thigh in Atlanta. No charges filed.

June 30, 2007: Watley told police Marshall struck her with a closed fist and choked her. Watley had a bruise on her left eye and noticeable scratches on her body, according to a police report of the incident. Officers made Watley aware of the procedures to obtain a restraining order. No charges were filed.

Oct. 22, 2007: Hours after defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers, Marshall was cited at 2 a.m. by Denver police for driving under the influence after he was seen driving erratically. His blood-alcohol level was 0.116 (the legal limit for DUI in Colorado is 0.08).

Jan. 18, 2008: Watley obtained a temporary protective order against Marshall in Fulton County (Ga.) Superior Court. Eventually lifted.

Feb. 18, 2008: Again Watley was beaten at a resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A report was filed by police saying officers were called to the hotel to help hotel security escort guests from the property. The report does not mention Watley, Marshall or any details of the incident.

March 4, 2008: Marhsall is slashed on the hand by one of Watley's sisters with a knife, later he says no knife was used. While Watley was interviewed by police Marshall fled the scene.

March 5, 2008: Watley obtained her second temporary protective order against Marshall in Fulton County Superior Court.

Aug. 5, 2008: The NFL released a statement announcing that Marshall would be suspended without pay for the Broncos' first three regular-season games of 2008 for violating the NFL personal conduct policy.

Aug. 28, 2008: Less than a month after the NFL released a statement announcing Marshall's suspension, the league released another statement saying Marshall's suspension had been reduced upon appeal to one game without pay plus an additional fine of one game check.

Sept. 10, 2008: Marshall was charged with two misdemeanor counts of simple battery as a result of the incident the previous March (his formal bond arraignment was Nov. 3, 2008). Simple battery, according to the Fulton County District Attorney's office, is punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

Sept. 12, 2008: Nearly a year after being cited for DUI in Denver, Marshall pleaded guilty to the lesser offense of driving while ability-impaired. He was sentenced to one year of probation.

Feb. 5, 2009: While attending a dinner party in Honolulu as part of his Pro Bowl appearance, Marshall proposed to Michi Nogami-Campbell.

March 1, 2009: Marshall and his fiancée, Nogami-Campbell, were seen by an off-duty Atlanta police officer arguing outside the same Atlanta condo Marshall once shared with Watley. According to a police report of the incident, the off-duty officer saw Marshall and Nogami-Campbell kicking and punching one another on the sidewalk outside the condo building.

So where exactly am I going with this? Well, for starters, his offenses have been almost laughable (trying to return stolen bed sheets?). His incidents have more or less involved women, bad women. I don't know how many of you are bachelors at MHR but I bartend at a high end bar in Manhattan, I see women like Watley and Campbell all the time. Gold diggers. Now don't get me wrong Marshall is at fault as well in the way he chooses these women and in the way he treats them. However the common reoccurring theme in most of the Watley offenses was that the charges where dropped or they were never filed. If someone is 100% wrong you can be sure that I would be pressing charges full steam ahead. However these charges weren't filed for multiple reasons. One being that Marshall wasn't 100% wrong. Two these women realized that if they stuck with Marshall long enough they could get rich. Three women who are "in love" don't see the wrong. One being the most likely scenario while three being the lesser. Marshall was a pain thru the '08 offseason and the beginning/end of the '09 season. However I still feel the Broncos made a wrong decision in letting him go based on these incidents, a good coach should have the characteristic to help these guys when they need help! I don't know if McD extended his hand in friendship to Marshall at all. All of this would make no difference however if Marshall himself told McD he specifically did not want to play for Denver, behind closed doors. Still I hate to see this guy go, I know he will clean up his act and he will get better and become a Hall of Fame WR. If he doesn't then I will feel much better knowing he didn't make it outside of Denver.

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