Are you freaking kidding?

I don't want to talk about Marshall or waste words on the Phonz.  I want to ask one simple question. 

Draft Dez Bryant at #11?  WHAT!!!

Some of you guys really believe McX will take Dez Bryant.  Some of you guys believe we SHOULD draft Dez Bryant at #11 overall.


Didn't McX just rid themselves of their biggest headache.  Didn't we just end the drama that the Cutler trade started and the Marshall trade finished (yes I know about Scheff, but his pending trade for a low pick is of little consequence).  The drama is over and we should finally have some peace and quiet around Dove Valley for the first time since forever.   Yet some of you think we should/will add Dez Bryant with a premium draft pick.  Dez Bryant?  A guy that brings a reputation as someone with questionable work ethic, questionable desire, questionable life skills, known for being immature, aloof, someone that was late to team meetings and even games, forgot his best cleats for his one and only NFL workout for all teams, someone that can't string together a complete sentence is his native language of English? 


IMO, the thought that McX takes this guy is ABSURD!  Do I think Eddie Royal is ready to assume the #1 role?  Of course I don't because he isn't.  Is Gaff a #1 WR?  Not even close.  Is Stokely (1.1 catch per game in 2009) one headshot from retirement?  Yes he is.  Do I think Denver is in desperate need of a starting WR?  Of course I do because we are.   


But do I think McX wants to address that need by drafting a guy that was suspended for most of his Jr. and final college season for lying to the NCAA, someone that Lombardi thinks will have a hard time learning an NFL playbook, especially one as big as ours, someone with the same agent and draft position as Mike Crabtree?  For reference, the Crabtree contract is for six years and $32 million that could maximize to $40 million if he achieves every incentive in the deal. The guarantee in the contract is $17 million, but he is expected to make $19 million over the first three years and $23 million over the first four years. The five-year deal is worth $28 million.  You guys think Bowlen wants to give that kind of deal to Dez Bryant? 


What has McX possibly done or said to suggest Dez Bryant is the kind of player they want to be a cornerstone of the team.  And yes, we need another cornerstone now that we traded away our most productive offensive player over the last three seasons. 


McD, McFGs, The Coach, whatever I've called him has done a lot of things that shocked and upset me.  If we take Dez Bryant in round 1, that will be, BY FAR, the most shocking and disappointing move he made in Denver. 


Dez Bryant?  It the words of Dez Bryant, "Dat don't make no sense". 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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