Tear. It. Down., Part 1

The young man looked over the wreckage left behind, still haunted by the old man's ghost.  Carrying only his massive brass implements, the young man began to wade through the tall grass, careful not to lose footing, stepping over the old broken parts and the rattlesnakes they concealed.  He could see there was some value scattered around, like less-favored toys on a Christmas morning.  Just chaos, the workings of a man on the decline.  Living things were everywhere, the Grass greener than any the young man had ever seen- it didn't make sense- all the wreckage strewn about.  There had once been glory there, yet little evidence remained... except for that lush Grass, that exceptional lush green vibrant Grass.........

The young man had worked hard, driven by the vision instilled upon him by his father.  From the time he could walk, he knew he was on a path to this place.  It had never been an easy road for the young man, he always knew it would take work and he had met the challenge every step of the way.  Success had been achieved throughout the entire journey because of this, incredibly, the young man had never truly tasted failure.  This, in addition to his honed skills and experience, contributed to his arrival at this place.      

He felt the solid ground beneath his feet that would support his empire, the culmination of all his work and vision.  It was not yet suited for what he would intend to build, but he took careful inventory of what he inherited.  He saw many useful items, yet felt a heaviness, a draining kind of energy in the air.  

The source of the energy appeared to be coming from the back of the lot where a large, shiny red, and odly new tractor sat parked in its special and elevated place.  It was as if the old man had put every ounce of his dying energy into this one section, leaving the rest to rot.  What a powerful and beautiful machine it was, but with something so broken about it at the same time.  And there were several other gleaming items in proximity.  The young man carefully approached the tractor, observing many things along his way.  As he got closer, he noticed something strange, likes moths to a flame, the attention of every living thing was focused on the tractor.  Simple awe.....

The young man didn't get it, maybe he didn't have his 3D glasses on, or maybe it just wasn't that great- simply a mirage of something great, yet not real.  He watched as every blade of grass leaned toward the pedestal and he also felt the eyes of the serpents and rattle of their tales as his presence became more apparent to those sliding amongst the Grass.  The long strands of Greenery fluttered with the activity at their feet.  The tractor popped and sputtered and poofed white smoke.  Pompous, loud, and...... broken- it was so obvious to the young man, why couldn't they all see it? 

The young man boldly approached the tractor and looked under the hood, that shiny red beautiful hood- it appeared so strong.  He found that underneath that powerful exterior sat a tiny little dingy dirty motor.  What was this sorry excuse of a motor doing inside this big, powerful tractor?  It was like the old man had put everything he had into the shell of this tractor and neglected the most important thing, the heart...


to be continued...

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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