Broncos Stacking the Board

Broncos have a wealth of picks (4 in the top 80) and most expect one more with Scheffler (5th is my prediction).  I won't attempt to mock the Broncos at this time but simply reveal the board of players that had private workouts. 

Player Position Proj. Rnd.
Maurkice Pouncey C 1
Matt Tennant C 3-5
JD Walton C 4-5
Joe Hawley C 6-7
Kareem Jackson CB 1-2
Alteraun Verner CB 4-5
CJ Lovett CB FA
Jared Odrick DE 1
Tyson Alualu DE 2
Koa Misi DE/OLB 2
Al Woods DT 3
Sean Weatherspoon LB 1-2
Dan Williams NT 1
Terrence Cody NT 2
Terrel Troup NT 3-4
Valdimir Ducasse OG/OT 2
Brandon Graham OLB 1
Jared Veldheer OT 3-4
Tony Pike QB 3
Tim Tebow QB 3
Toby Gerhart RB 3
Montario Hardesty RB 3
Dexter Mccluster RB/WR/KR 2-3
Dez Bryant WR 1
Arrelious Benn WR 2
Damian Williams WR 2
Eric Decker WR 2-3
Carlton Mitchell WR 4
Marty Gilyard WR 4-5
Jacoby ford WR 5-6
Armanti Edwards WR/KR/QB  4

What does the board reveal?  Well they clearly want to draft 1-2 WR's, Center, NT, DT etc... you can draw you own conclusions.  What do a lot of these players have in common - smart, mostly high character, physical players. 

But the most interesting part to me is how the board is setup.  They have the positions spreadout among the projected rounds.  For example Broncos have visited with WR's rated from rounds 1-6.  Look at C, NT, DE/DT they have done the same thing.  This reveals positions they have prioritized.  Now they can let the board fall based on their rankings and have prioritzed positions lined-up for each round.  The projected round is simply based on Todd Mcshay "Statcking the Board' published on ESPN on April 13th.  I did compare this with other ratings thus some might say 4-5 instead of just 4.

Now after visiting with each player some might of been eliminated, some rated higher or lower.  But what's interesting is the number of LOWER first round rated players.  Of course they must do their homework, also this was in anticipation of the Marshall trade.  I feel they want to move down but good luck finding a dance partner in this economy. 

Some great players on here and some I hope they don't draft.  Have fun playing GM.  Once the final medical reports comeback Tuesday from Indy, and the backround checks draft boards will be finalized. 

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