Cutler Haters

Here is something I came across from a Bear fan.  I wanted to share it w/the community because it shed some facts I wasn't aware of.  I know Cutler is old news.  As well as Marshall.  But what I'm about to link is very disturbing because we have a lot of changes heading into year 2 of the McDaniels Era.  I don't want to panic but WHAT ARE WE DOING!?  *Attempt at Sarcasm* 

This little rant was on April 15th well after the 2009 Season had been completed.

Dear Cutler haters,



If nothing else, you can clearly see that despite Cutler's faults this year, neck beard was equally unimpressive, especially down the stretch:

1. Orton threw for 12 TD and 11 INT in the last 10 games for Denver.  Cutler threw 11TDS to 3INTS over his LAST 3...

2. Orton won 2 of the last 10 games. Cutler WON 3 of the last 5 (lost to GB & Bal, who are much better than us right now)

3. Orton's the 3rd QB in history to not get his team to the playoffs after a 6-0 start.

4. Orton is the first QB in Bronco history to lose every home game against its division rivals.

5. Orton lost the final 4 games of the season (KC, WASH, OAK, SD).

6. Orton lost the final game to KC 44 to 24 at home.

7. Orton lost the 14th game of the season to Oak 20-19 at home.

8. Orton couldn’t win more games than the 2008 team, led by Cutler, with better/ healthier talent around him.

9. The Orton led offense scored a 100 less offensive points than the Denver QB did in 2008, led by Cutler.

10. Orton turned the 2nd overall ranked offense into the 15th overall middle of the road offense.

11. Orton also was lucky enough to have the 7th overall defense and still couldn’t win more than 8 games.

12. Orton was lucky enough to have Marshall 100% healthy/ insuspended for 16 games.

13. Orton also didn't have to watch Marshall fumble the ball 9 times like he did in 2008.

14. Orton got to watch his kicker made 18/19 FG over the last 10 games, while only producing 3 TD's.

15. Orton led his team to 20 points or less in 9 out of 16 games? Two of which he had freak 50 & 90 yard TD's in the last minute of regulation.

16. Orton lost 3 games to sub 500 teams down the stretch? Washington, KC and Oak.

17. Orton threw for 280 yards or more with a very talented offense surrounding him just twice.

18 Orton couldn’t win games at home as it was promised his winning ways would do.

19. Orton produced more 3 and outs by the 10th game of the season than the 2008 Broncos had all season long.

Make sure you caught that part about Denver scoring 100 less offensive points than the 2008 team did with more talent. How sad is that?

With an offense with an extra year of experience under its belt, its best weapon having played a full season with a tear in his hip finally being healthy and playing out of his mind & A SUSPECT AFC WEST schedule. Orton still couldn't get it done. Considering all the miracle passes and all the miracle catches his WR made for him, he still found a way to become the 3rd QB in history to miss the playoffs after his team started 6-0.  IMPRESSIVE!
Now going into his 8th year, he shouldn't be classified as a "has been", he falls under the catagory of "never was".  Once the Bears get healthy, get some new coaches & add some TALENT at WR, we'll be right back in the playoff mix.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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