Why MHR Is The Best Blog On The Web

In just 3 long, excruciating days, the NFL Draft of 2010 will be among us. It is something that we have been waiting for for months. We have posted so many articles on the draft that  you could make a website dedicated just to all of our posts. So I figured that we all need a little break from the draft. I was having a tough time thinking of what I could write about that everyone would like to read and appreciate.

So this is my best shot. Jump with me and let's begin with the story of BroncoTillIDie's journey to MHR.

I have been watching the Broncos for a long time. For as long as possible, I can remember watching all of the Bronco games at home. My mom is a huge Bronco fan. My dad was a fan of whoever was the rival of my mom's favorite team. So naturally, he was a Charger fan. My mom would not have any son of hers be a Charger fan. So she raised me right. She raised me a Bronco. It was always about John Elway, Terrel Davis, Ed McCafrey, Bill Romanowski, Steven Atwater, etc. I was always a fan of Denver, but I never really got into it until high school. In high school, I really started to get into football a lot more. I have been a basketball player since I was 6 years old. So I was always into basketball. I was a Laker fan and was so involved watching their 3 championships in a row that the Broncos got put on the back burner. However, Shaq got traded and I stopped caring so much about Basketball. All my attention turned to the Denver Broncos.

For almost 3 years, I was a  bronco fan all by myself. You want to know where I went for all of my information? I went to ESPN. I read the AFC West section. For those of you who don't understand what that means, I read Bill Williamson for almost 3 years for my Bronco updates. I went to his blog on game days and wait for him to post his analysis on the games that Denver played. It was all I had. I didn't know any better. Finally, I found a website called Bleacher Report. It was a website where fans can go and talk about their favorite teams. I loved it. I posted articles every couple days and was eager to discuss all things Bronco related with everyone. I started getting hate comments because of my ideas and because fans of the Raiders would comment on my stuff. I was sick of it. Then I started reading the head guys work. His name? Sayre Bedinger. I waited every week for Sayre to post another mock draft. He was the only other person I knew of who posted regularly. Finally, on one of his posts, he received very negative input. He responded by saying that it was reasons like that input that Sayre stopped posting on Bleacher Report and was more active on places such as MHR.

Well that intrigued me. MHR? What is that? Could it be another Broncos fan blog? I was excited. I looked up MHR on google. After a couple pages, I saw MHR and the words Bronco next to it. I clicked it and found Mile High Report. I was confused by the layout at first, but after some navigating, I found all of the articles. Take it from a guy who read BIll Williamson for 3 years, this place was heaven. I was in love and couldn't wait to get started. I set up my name and have been on this website every single day since.

Some of you might ask, well how does that prove that MHR is the best blog on the web? Well let me answer that with some research.

I decided to look at all of the SBNation blog sites. I wanted to compare the user activity of other fans and ours. The results were as follwed:

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: 2,810

New England Patriots: 1,197

Miami Dolphins: 5,691

New York Jets: 516

AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals: 1,101

Baltimore Ravens: 1,026

Cleveland Browns: 664

Pittsburgh Steelers: 4,004

AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars: 1,196

Houston Texans: 1,172

Indianapolis Colts: 3,219

Tennessee Titans: 1,453

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: 4,498

New York Giants: 917

Philadelphia Eagles: 4,098

Washington Redskins: 1,604

NFC North

Chicago Bears: 2,370

Minnesota Vikings: 2,901

Green Bay Packers: 569

Detroit Lions: 2,422

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: 654

Carolina Panthers: 791

New Orleans Saints: 1,628

Tampa Bay Bucaneers: 828

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals:  567

San Francisco 49ers: 2,048

Seattle Seahawks: 1,564

St. Louis Rams: 790

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs: 5,941

Oakland Raiders: 1,581

San Diego Chargers: 547

Denver Broncos: 6,409



My findings showed that we here at MHR have posted more articles then anybody on the web.

1st. Denver Broncos 6,409

2nd. Kansas City Chiefs 5,941

3rd. Miami Dolphins 5,691

That means we wrote 468 more articles then the 2nd place Chiefs. Want some more?

The Kansas City Chiefs top contributors go as follows:

  Joel Thorman (3071)
  Chris Thorman (1105)
  Jason Shore (245)
  NJ Chiefs Fan (240)
  Matt Conner (214)

That means that these 5 men have wrote a total of 4,875 articles. That is 82% of their posts.

The Denver Broncos top contributors go as follows:

  John Bena (1497)
Jeremy Bolander (391)
Douglas A. Lee (370)
Chuck "DeadDrunk" Breedlove (369)
Tim Lynch (256)

That means that these 5 men have wrote a total of 2,883 articles. That is 45 percent of our posts.

You want to know what I see from these facts? The Mile High Community is a much more well rounded group of fans. The Kansas City Chiefs have 5 guys who are making all the posts, while we at MHR have more people contributing.

I dug even further.

On MHR this past week, this is how many posts were posted on each day.

M    T    W      T    F     S    S

11  18   33   21  26  14   15

We posted a total of 138 articles this week.

81 different people posted an article


On ArrowheadPride this past week, this is how many posts were posted each day.

M     T    W     T      F     S     S

24   12   16    15   25    17   16

They posted 125 articles this week.

41 different people posted an article.

A big majority of their posts were by the same guys who are the top contributors.


So as you can see, MHR has more posters and more posts. I would argue that the quality of our stuff is better, but it's virtually impossible to prove that.

My point is that MHR is unique. I can't imagine that any other sports blog has this many fans, posting this many articles, and giving such high quality material. From Guru's Horse Tracks, to KentuckyBroncos MF stories, MHR is arguably the most unique fan blog on the internet.

However, the number of posts and number of articles is not why I love MHR so much. As I've said before, I live in California. Most people here are Raiders or Chargers fans. It's rare to find a Denver Bronco fan. This website is a place for people like me and you to come and connect with people all around the world. From Washington all the way to the Netherlands, people from all over the world come to this website for a common purpose. We love the Denver Broncos. We post theories, give football 101 lessons about the 3-4 defense and wake up early to participate in mock draft threads. It's that passion that I love. It's that passion that feeds my Bronco fire and it's that passion that has me hooked to this website. It is a place where a 45 year old man and an 18 year old kid can come and have a conversation. It is a place where a person in new york can become friends with a person in California. It is a place where a person can post his ideas without being attacked. It is the best website on earth.

Thank you John Bena for making this website. Thank you Sayre Bedinger for introducing me. Thank you to everyone who is apart of the MHR family. I love MHR. I love the Broncos and I love everyone who makes this website worth wild.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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