My first mock draft

This is my first mock online ever. Dont get me wrong I thought I was the only one that sat around trying to get the most of every pick possible. Trade, trade and trade some more to get in the right spot to get that guy we wont. I only put in guys Denver brought in soooo, you know it wont go like this. More after the jump.

First we need to make some trades because the only players at #11 that we brought in worth that pick are CJ Spiller(love to have him for Moreno, any trades???) Rolando McClain, who a month ago I would of loved to have, Dan Williams, put there is so much value latter in the draft, and Dez "Did't I make it to practice on time" Bryant, another guy about a month ago I would of loved to have. So we trade back and stock pile some picks.

Denver trades #11 to Phily for #24, #70,and #87. Points 1050 to 1055.

Denver trades #45 to Cleveland for #71, #92 and 6th Rd pick

Oh, forgot Denver just got nothing for Scheffler, 5th Rd #157

Picks: #24,43,70,71,80,87,92,114,157,166,186,and 220.

With the 24th pick Denver picks: Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida 6-5 305

This was hard with Weatherspoon there put it came down to need and Pouncey is plug and play for 10+ years. Starts all 16 games at center.

With the 43rd pick Denver picks: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida  6-3 235

I know what your saying, WHY,WHY,WHY, but the kid has what McX loves. Should be able to atleast run some wild cat, but not more than 3rd string his first year wiht the possiblity to push Quinn for the starting job next year.

With the 70th pick Denver picks: Carlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida 6-3 215

Should be able to step into the starting lineup right away. (50-800-5)

With the 71st pick Denver picks: Terrell Troup, NT, UCF  6-3 315

Should be a good, stout backup behind J.Williams

With the 80th pick Denver picks: Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford  6-1 240

Know when where looking at 3rd and 1, we simply put in Tebow and Gerhart and presto we have are selfs and 1st and 10.

With the 87th pick Denver picks: Eric Decker, WR, MInnesota 6-3 220

This guy could start for years to come and unlike Marshall catch all of the balls thrown his direction.

With the 92nd pick Denver picks: Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida  6-3  250

I know he's not on the list of visters put we need a ILB and with him falling to here we get a good LB as long as the DL keeps him free of the OL.

With the 114 pick Denver picks: John Jerry, OG, Ole Miss  6-6 335

I know he's not the list also, but good pick up of a guard that could even start for us this year.

With the 157th pick Denver picks: Alterraun Verner, CB, UCLA  5-10 190

Good ball skills with return possiblity's.

With the 166th pick Denver picks: Brandon Banks, RS, Kansas State  5-7 150

Explosive returner in the mold of Sproles.

With the 186th pick Denver picks: Joe Hawley, C, UNLV  6-3 300

Played both center and guard. Good backup for the line.

With the 220nd pick Denver picks: Zoltan Mesko, P, Michigan 6-5 240

Not on the list put he can boom the ball.

Some FA to look at could be: Terrell Hudgins, WR, Elon  6-2 230( Broke all of Jerry Rice's Records); Brandon James, RS, Florida; and BRandon Carter, OG, Texas Tech.

So we get a C, QB, (2)WR, RB, ILB, CB, RS, C and P. Anything else you would like?

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