Broncos Draft - Round 1 - Take

Obviously none of us know what's going to happen, I was off last year when I was hoping Brian Orakpo would slip to Denver in the 1st round once Tyson Jackson was gone. He did, and I thought for sure Denver would send in the pick seconds after the 11th pick was chosen last year... "with the 12th pick in the 2009 NFL draft, the Denver Broncos take Knowshon Moreno".... I thought are you kidding me!

But as the draft played out I started to see the McD/Xanders strategy. It was about guys who want to play and have strong character. Guys who McDaniels feel will not wilt under pressure. (My only caveat is I defended the decision to trade a 1st for the Phonz last year and I'm having a hard time defending that decision today. Right now, that looks like a horrible decision. He may turn out, but imagine being able to pick McClain at #11 and Dan Williams at #14... just saying what onto what I would say the smart decisions are this year)

Knowing what we know now, I feel we can have a better grasp on what McD/X want to do this year. I'm sure I'll still be terribly wrong.

Option #1

Stay at #11 and pick either Dan Williams or Rolondo McClain. I can't see any other player being a good fit and value at #11 for Denver. If they like one of these two guys enough and they are available, I think they send in their pick.

Option #2

The Giants are rumored to be hot after Rolondo McClain. If the Broncos feel Sean Witherspoon is a better fit, they could trade down 4 spots to #15 and pick up extra picks and still get their LB. They did have Weatherspoon workout for them, but that could just be a smokescreen.

Option #3

Or, they could trade back with a number of teams picking in the teens that are interested in CJ Spiller or McClain. Once at #15, there are a number of teams that may be interested in moving up to #15 for Earl Thomas or Kyle Wilson including Philly at #24. It's possible Denver trades back again with Philly who has a ton of picks and hopes Maurkice Pouncey falls to them at #24. If they were able to pull this off, they may pick up 3 or 4 extra picks and land Pouncey who fills just as big of a need as any of the defenders they could pick in the 1st round. They would then likely have plenty of picks in rounds 2-4 to fill other holes on the roster.

Option #4

Same as #3 but... The Broncos would have more than enough ammo to move back into the first round if their is another player that falls to the bottom of round 1 that they like. Maybe Dez Bryant, Weatherspoon, or even Iupati who could fill in the other G spot opposite Kuper.

It's easy to speculate but we have no idea if teams will be willing to trade up with Denver, or Denver even wants to do it. But my feeling is this is a deep draft and Pouncey fills as big a need as any other, so why not trade back, pick up Pouncey and get some extra picks. Easy... Right... ;)

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