Visits and rumors complete lets draft.

A few teams are going to call Denver (Giants, Packers, Eagles, and Patriots)  in fact 2 of them already have.  Patriots will low ball Josh with picks 22 and 53, Denver will counter with 22 and 44 and Patriots won't pay.  Best value finally comes from Eagles with picks 24 and 37 with a value of 1270 (Eagles want Earl Thomas).

Pick #24  Sean Weatherspoon

Denver has brought in first round prospects: McClain, Pouncy, Spiller, Odrick, Weatherspoon, Graham, Jackson, Bryant and maybe Cody sneaks in (believing Jets or San Diego could take him).  I believe all will be gone except Weatherspoon and Cody.  Josh is chasing the next Richard Seymour just like his buddy Bill has been and hopes Odrick is here but he won't get past Houston.  (Sleeper pick Kyle Wilson)

2nd round Pick #37 Terrance Cody

Second round projections Denver brought in:  Benn, Jackson, Alualu, Misi, Decker, Williams, Cody, Gerhart, and Ducasse.  I have Benn and Jackson off my board and Denver lucks out by being ahead of Cleveland, Oakland, and San Diego and selects Mount Cody.  (Sleeper pick Golden Tate)

2nd round Pick #43  Damian Williams

This is a timing system and great route runners are high on Josh list.  (Sleeper pick Linvel Joseph if we don't get Cody)

2nd round Pick #45  Valdimir Ducasse

A bit of a reach but this guy is beyond HUGE.  Has a very large frame and very high ceiling.  Can play both guard positions and RT after 2 years or in a pinch.  That kind of physical player with versatility is exactly what Josh is looking for. (Sleeper pick Misi)

3rd round Pick #80 Al Woods

Third round prospects Denver visited with:  Woods, Troup, Pike, Hardesty, Mccluster, Mitchell, and Gilyard.  Some of you might rate them higher or lower.  I know - why did I pick Woods with all the DT talent we signed as free agents.  Simply because Josh has him the highest player on his board at this point.  This guy is a stud and honestly not sure he will be on the board this late.  If Decker falls he would be very very happy but I have him going later 2nd early 3rd.  (Sleeper Pick Mccluster)

4th round Pick #125.  Joe Webb

Ok we get man crushes on a player and he is mine.  He played QB and some WR.  He is big 6-3, 223 ran a 4.46 and is a very physical and elusive player.  Very smart player at QB.  He was raw at the senior bowl playing WR but looked very very good against the top corners.  Physically abusing them and snatching the ball.  Please check out his youtube video of him jumping over some pads.  Whoever gets the guys is going to be very happy.  Sadly I'm hearing he keeps rising perhaps above this pick (sleeper pick - ok popular pick Matt Tennant)

5th round Pick #137 JD Walton

Tannant might be here but I believe Denver has this guy higher on the board.  He is more physical and a better run blocker for sure.  (Sleeper pick Armanti Edwards)

6th round Pick #183 Alteraun Verner

Yep he is going to drop but Denver loves ball hawks.  Now if he can just learn to tackle.  (Sleeper pick Jacoby Ford - yes he is going to fall )

With such and deep draft and days in between this has been the hardest mock year ever - but also the most fun.  No way Denver doesn't trade somewhere.  Should be extremely entertaining. 


Player Position Pick Round
Sean Weatherspoon LB 24 1
Terrance Cody DT 37 2
Damian Williams WR 43 2
Vladimir Ducasse OT/OG 45 2
Al Woods DT 80 3
Joe Webb WR 125 4
J.D Walton C 137 5
Alteraun Verner CB 183 6

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