Is Tebow Steve Young 2.0?

I can't wait for the draft.  The buildup is nearly as exciting as who we end up drafting.  The tebow controversy is amazing.   I, for one, was whole-heartedly against the kid. Why? probably the same reason I tend to root against Duke.  It just seems too perfect.  However, with McDaniels' "apparent" interest in him, I have to consider the possibility of him being drafted by Denver.

Tebow was a stat monster, without a doubt.  His college numbers were:

    Passing   Rushing
Season Team GP Rating Att Comp Pct Yds TD INT Sack Att Yds TD
2006 Florida Gators 14 201.7 33 22 66.7 358 5 1 0 89 469 8
2007 Florida Gators 13 172.5 350 234 66.9 3286 32 6 13 210 895 23
2008 Florida Gators 14 172.4 298 192 64.4 2747 30 4 15 176 673 12
2009 Florida Gators 14 155.6 304 213 70.1 2895 21 5 25 217 910 14
Totals 55 176.0 985 661 67.1 9286 88 15 53 692 2947 57

impressive.  It's not like he racked up these stats in an "offense" conference either, where defense is an after-thought.  Facing NFL talent somewhere on defense virtually every week, more than any other QB in the country, did not slow his success.  Sure he had some bad games (relatively speaking), but seeing what he produced, you can't deny his ability to the college level.  The kid can pass - look at his career 67% completion percentage. His TD to INT ratio is over 5 to 1.  He did this in a pass happy offense - fine.  Let's look at another college great in a pass-happy offense and how they compare.


Steve Young (BYU)

College career

Because Young was such a great runner, he was heavily recruited by North Carolina, who wanted him to play quarterback in the option offense the Tar Heels were using at the time. However, Young ultimately decided to attend Brigham Young University. Initially, he struggled at passing, and BYU's coaching staff considered switching him to defensive back because of his athleticism. However, he worked hard to improve his quarterbacking skills and eventually succeeded record-setting Jim McMahon as the Cougars' starting QB. Young's senior season (1983) was spectacular. He passed for 3,902 yards and 33 touchdowns in the regular season, and his 71.3% completion percentage set an NCAA single-season record. He also added 544 yards rushing. With Young at quarterback, BYU set an NCAA record by averaging 584.2 yards of total offense per game, with 370.5 of those yards coming from Young's passing and rushing. The Cougars finished the year with an impressive 11–1 record; Young was named First Team All-American and finished second in voting for the Heisman Trophy (behind Nebraska running back Mike Rozier). Young's record breaking season was honored when he won the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award which recognizes the nation's best collegiate quarterback. Young capped his college career by scoring the game-winning touchdown with a flea-flicker in BYU's 21–17 victory over Missouri in the 1983 Holiday Bowl.

Young finished his 3 seasons with 592 pass completions for 7,733 yards and 56 touchdowns, along with 1,048 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns on the ground. In 2001, he was enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame


It's interesting how Young battled the "athlete" stigma like Tebow has.  He overcame it, I believe, because he was a focused, high character individual.  That may seem like tripe to some, but it does mean something when talent-focus-character all blend into one. 


Let's compare Young's 3 seasons @ BYU versus Tebow's  Fresh, Soph and Senior seasons:

                            Comp              Yds               TDS                    Rush Yds                TDS

Tebow                  469                 6539             58                          2274                       45

Young                  592                 7733             56                          1048                       18


This is leaving Tebow's worthless freshman year in as one of the three years and omitting his championship winning season as a junior.  Tebow's production stacks up against Young's extremely well.

Some say Florida has churned out other QBs with great stats and have laid an egg in the NFL...Wuerffel, Grossman, etc...  To that, I say, how can you?

Tebow's athleticism is so ridiculous over those other Florida products, it's not even worth comparing.  Tebow's running ability is a huge facet that creates the overall package which COULD make him an elite QB. 

COULD is the key word here.  Every college QB comes in with potential.  Every college player comes in with potential.  Do we believe that whoever we pick up in round 2 will be a hit for sure?  No, I dont think so.  Does a 2nd round player HAVE to start right away?  Well, A Smith didnt.  Quinn didnt.  It doesnt seem McDaniels HAS to have his 2nd rounder play right away.  If this is a 3-4 year process for the Broncos, why not Tebow now?

So do we draft a QB who seems to have it all in terms of the ability to focus and put in whatever effort it takes (the anti-JaWalrus) to become an NFL QB?  I say, if we do then I am 100% on board. Yes, I'll sign on to getting the next Steve Young. 


Oh yeah, they're both lefty, so I must be right.

 Prediction:  We trade down from 11 to get Pouncey and later trade back into 1st rd (our 2nd 1st rd pick) to grab Tebow.


- cant sleep, draft picks dancing in my head

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