CombatChuk's first mock draft...


Denver trades it's #11 pick to New England for their #22 pick, #44 pick, and #119.  New England gets their must needed pass rusher in DE Derrick Morgan...

With the #22 pick the Denver Broncos select... Terrence Cody NT


The Denver Broncos in the past 4 years have been near the bottom rankings in rushing defense, Cody will sit behind Jamaal Williams at first but then he'll provide years of run stuffing stability for the Denver Broncos.  He'll look good in Orange and blue...

Trade Alert

Denver sends the #44 pick, #119 pick (From New England) and #183 (6th rounder) to Detroit for the #34 pick.

With #34 pick Denver selects... Arrelious Benn WR


Denver Finds it's replacement for Brandon Marshall with this big possession receiver with lighting speed.  Benn reminds me most of Andre Johnson of the Texans with his size and speed.  His hands could use some work, but you can't coach athleticism...

With the #43 pick Denver selects... Vladimir Ducasse OG


Vladimir Ducasse will shore up the position at LG giving us some necessary beef in our running game and pass-protection.  The guy has a mean streak, hopefully he can revive some nastiness missing from our offensive line since Tom Nalen left.

With the #45 pick the Denver Broncos select... Brandon Spikes ILB


Brandon Spikes is the hard hitting ILB we need next to DJ Williams.  This guy is NASTAY!!  The man was suspended for trying to poke out the eyes of a Georgia Runningback!  He has a nose for the ball, hits hard and does well in coverage.  This will solidify the ILBs for years to come and give a much needed boost in the run support department.

With the #80 pick the Denver Broncos select Matt Tennant C


Picking up Maurice Pouncey would be nice, but it isn't going to happen.  Here we have the 2nd best choice.  Matt Tennant held the center point of the line for a certain Matt Ryan.  He has excellent quickness and strength and can probably start right away solidifying our young offensive line for many years.

Trade Alert

Denver sends their #114 and a 2011 conditional pick to Tennessee (ranges from 3rd-6th) for LenDale White


LenDale White is a bowling ball and young and will provide us with that much needed boost in short yard situations, him paired with Moreno and the upgrade to the O-Line will give Denver it's much needed dominiant rushing attack it hasn't had in years...

With #137 pick the Denver Broncos select Justin Woodall S


Justin is a bit raw, but has the tools to succeed.  Hits hard and is passionate, could be the eventual Brian Dawkins replacement.  A project no doubt.


So that's my first mock...  What do you guys think?

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