Denver Broncos: A Look at Round One

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Denver Broncos are trade happy

The Broncos made several trades in the first round of the NFL Draft, lets break them down and see what really took place.

Denver traded the No. 11 overall pick to San Francisco in exchange for the No. 13 pick overall and a 2010 fourth-round pick (No. 113).

Denver traded the No. 13 overall pick to Philadelphia for the No. 24 overall pick, and two third-round selections (No. 70) and (No. 87).

Denver traded the No. 24 overall pick and a fourth-round pick (No. 113) to New England for the No. 22 overall pick.

Denver traded second round (No. 43), 3rd round (No.70), and 4th round (No. 114) selections to Baltimore for Round 1 Pick 25 and a 4th round pick (No. 119)

The Denver Broncos get Tim Tebow

Much conversation was made before the draft about Tim Tebow being drafted by the Denver Broncos. Now that Tebow to the Broncos is reality, McDaniels' may look to deal Kyle Orton on day 2 of the draft.

Tebow comes with many questions and few of them will be answered for a few years.

Is he capable of playing under center? Can he play QB in the NFL? Will he even play QB or will McDaniels use him elsewhere?

The answer to all those questions, in my opinion, is yes.

Mcdaniels' helped to develop Brady into the player he is. Turned Matt Cassel into a commodity. Hell, he led one of the greatest offensive seasons of all time as the offensive coordinator in New England. If anyone is qualified to get the best out of Tebow, it's Josh McDaniels.

Tebow has the tools: The work ethic, the will, the intelligence, to become a quality quarterback in the NFL. He'll also provide a valuable asset for the Broncos in their wildcat "Wild Horses" formation.

Tebows' ability to extend plays, work through progressions well on the move, and fire up his team in the huddle, will earn him a lot of friends ins the locker room and in the fan base.

Tebow is a leader on the field and off of it, hopefully his ability in college translates to the NFL. McDaniel's better hope that Tebow doesn't turn out to be a bust or it could cost him his job.

Replacing Brandon Marshall: The Demaryius Thomas Project

Brandon Marshall was an amazing match up problem with his size and speed combination. He made plays, fought for yards after the catch, and caught the ball in traffic. Although he didn't have elite speed, Marshall provided the Broncos with a big play threat at receiver.

So the Broncos traded him to the Miami Dolphins after failing to be able to reach an agreement on a contract extension. Aware he'd walk next off-season with no compensation, the Broncos made the best of the situation and got the best trade value they could get.

After moving down twice in the first round, the Broncos moved back up to get the receiver they targeted.

Not sure if this sounds familiar: Demaryius Thomas makes plays, fights for yards after the catch, catches the ball well in traffic. Although Thomas doesn't have elite speed, he provides the Broncos with a big play threat at receiver.

Thomas at 6'3 and 229 pounds is a carbon copy of what Marshall brought to the table. He will however come at a much cheaper price for the next four to five seasons and hopefully won't be as much of a headache as Marshall was to the team.

Overall Look:

The Broncos still have the following draft picks left in the 2010 NFL Draft:

Round 2 Pick 13 (No.45)

Round 3 Pick 16 (No. 80)

Round 3 Pick 23 (No. 87)

Round 4 Pick 21 (No. 119)

Round 5 Pick 6 (No. 137)

Round 6 Pick 14 (No. 183)

Outlook at remainder of NFL Draft

After selecting Demaryius Thomas and Time Tebow in the first round, look for the Broncos to target their defense and the center position with the remaining picks.

Damian Williams could still very well be an option at Round 2 Pick 13 (No. 45) if McDaniels' feels Royal would be better utilized in the slot. Thomas was drafted to become our No.1 target and Williams would provide an excellent No. 2.

Royal's size leaves some to believe he couldn't handle the wear and tear of being an every down receiver. Only 5'9 185 pounds, Royal has a small frame that may begin to wear out if he takes too many hits. Royal's abilities would be an excellent Wes Welker type asset in the slot for McDaniels and allow him to open up the offense a bit more in three and four wide out sets.

Center, Middle Linebacker, Wide Receiver, Running back, and depth across the defense are still options for the Broncos.

Hopefully the Broncos will continue to be aggressive and target the players on their draft board. Demaryius Thomas filled a huge need area, however, center and middle linebacker are still glaring holes on the roster.


Hope each and every one of you enjoyed the first round of the NFL Draft. I look forward to seeing you guys again tomorrow as we take a look at the second and third rounds of the NFL Draft.

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