Much to my Surprise (and many others)

First off... I hate the new Thursday night prime time slot (but that is because I could not find a reasonable excuse to take the day off work and I work nights, DOH!)

Since I could only see snippets while at work, I was excited when I saw had traded back, and figured we were poised to take Pouncy or Iupati, something I related to coworkers like a giddy schoolgirl.  After getting back to work in baited anticipation to see Pouncy holding a Broncos jersey, I was surprised to hear a coworker state that we traded back AGAIN to 24.  I was intrigued to see how this would play out, but at the same time a bit nervous... Will Pouncy still be available?  Does McD really think that Iupati will fall that far?  Thankfully I did not have to wait long to figure out the answers to those two questions.

Maybe it was the workload on a busy night at the airport (a 15 minute thunderstorm, which normally I would love, backed up some flights up to 3 hours!  Gotta love PM T-Storms) but over what seemed like the next 5 minutes I watched every potential Bronco I had foreseen us to take, selected by another team.  At this point I was so downtrodden I did not know what to think.  What the HELL was our plan here McD?  Where are you going with this?  Where is the BEEF?  Call it the fury of mockmaddness that has been so prevalent the last three months, or my eternal optimism that all we need is that one key piece on the line to make us great, but it was such a letdown to watch so many players I just expected to see in Orange and Blue this year get swept up by teams not named the Broncos. 


Then, much to my surprise, we trade UP!  Alright... here we go, it has to be Odrick, Williams, maybe Dez, even thought I would bit a little dissapointed, right?  Mayb- Demaryius Thomas!?  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!  Oops, broke my headset, swore a bit too loud for my own good, denounced McD and this ridiculous pick.  Laughed in astonishment as Thomas walked right by a few of the players we SHOULD have picked.


Saddened and confused I sat back down to get back to what I get paid to do, meanwhile receiving texts from friends wondering who exactly Demaryius Thomas is.  In all honesty, I had no idea what to tell them, though it included a few expletives and some interesting bemusement's.


After what felt like an eternity of pain, a coworker came by laughing and shaking his head "We just took Tebow, ahaaaahahahahahahhaaaaa".  As I began to wrap my telephone cord around my neck I get a text from a friend telling me how ridiculously excited he was... Can he be SERIOUS!  "Tebow is a player man, an absolute player, he will make McD's career"  he stated, as I held back the vomit (Not really sure if it was the fact I overate at dinner, or the thought of Thomas and Tebow in the first round).  Now I was really confused.  What did we give up to get back in the first round?  I mean, hell, we had 10 picks at one point, and in a draft as supposedly deep as this one is to be, did we really have to give up much? 


I needed some comfort food... something to take the pain away.  I walked to TCBY to get some vanilla frozen yogurt with (lots) of chocolate sprinkles, all the while wondering why I felt the way I did.  I mean, Thomas, draft stock fell because of a broken foot, doesnt run the best routes from what I hear, but he is big physical and seems an obvious replacement for Marshall.  Though he probably could have picked in the second, did I really know that?  Did we really need to draft him with so many other receivers to be had on day two, let alone Dez still on the board, that I had fallen in love with over the last three months?(Benn, I still love ya buddy, though I didnt really know thee before people started mocking you to the Broncos and will probably root against you if and when we play against you)  The next two players selected after our pick seemed to negate the need to move up to get Thomas, but again, would that have been the way it played out had we NOT moved up? 


After some pondering, and the mental calming effect of chocolate sprinkles and ice cream, I was able to tackle the Tebow pick.  I told myself I would stay away from MHR until the morning, but I had to know, what were the thoughts of this great community? (other than SB, I mean, we all know you were probably just nodding your head with your head with your arms crossed, all smug like :P)  This guy IS a baller, you don't just dominate the SEC for 4 years without some talent.  As I came to find that we did not sell the house in order to get Tebow, the sense of relief (then upset stomach, but that was just the frozen yogurt, or the recent merger of a few mainline airlines?) started to settle in.  Although I do not feel as strongly that McD is this QB guru (Brady DID win a few Super Bowls before he became the QB coach) as some have stated, he does seem to be able to coach the most out of people, whether it be by his "genius" or by his Mother F-, well, intensity.  Tebow is talented, maybe raw but coachable and team oriented. 


If for no other reason than/then, I always get these confused, the absolute amazement of McD and X's ability to move so fluidly through round one, I had started to like the pick.  I had some time to let my thoughts wander while talking some playoff hockey (stupid San Jose and your stupid win over the Av's) and a chance to hear JT the Brick whom I usually hate for his Denver sports bashing, talk about how much he LOVED the Denver pick while hating that it was Denver who got Tebow.  I finally got home and began to read his post draft interviews, along with McD's and have to admit... this might be the perfect piece to McD's system. 


I am embarrassed over some facebook status updates and hastily written texts to friends, but in an attempt to right my wrongs I figure I would post the days events through mine, and I am sure many other Bronco fans in a tumultuous day, eyes.  Bottom line is that it is easy to think doom and gloom, but without knowing what is going to go down in the next couple of rounds let alone the next couple of years, we cannot place an absolute on the draft or the days events.  Tebow is about as polarizing a figure as there can be, and there is no doubt that the Broncos are once again caught up in a whirlwind of controversy, but I am excited to see how this pans out over the next couple of years.  Sometimes we might just need to all step back and eat some frozen yogurt, preferably frozen custard (Abotts at that) when the unexpected occurs. 


Anyway, thanks for reading if you did, I know it was long, but I just had to get it out as I want others to know you did not suffer alone :P

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