Reading Tea Leaves...

After a night of celebration, anxiety, and perhaps even teeth gnashing for some, what can we glean from the 1st round draft picks? I think we have learned alot quite honestly. A few questions that have been burning in our minds appear to be answering themselves before our very eyes.

Are we in desperate need of an interior OL player?

Do we have an immediate need for an ILB?

How is Brandstater progressing and is he the QB of the future?


Perhaps the answers to these questions have become clearer now!

From the comments made by Coach McD, we learned that we were targetting 3 players in the 1st round at pick 11. We know that Thomas and Tebow were 2 of those players. I'm not sure who the 3rd was, but this tells us alot about what the team needs are according to the coach. When asked about whether the Raiders picking McClain affected our draft at all, he stated NO. Hmmmm....interesting nugget right there.

It seems pretty apparent now that he is at least comfortable with the OL starters on the roster now. He didn't make any move to get a "ready to play on day 1" guard or center. This seems to imply that Olsen and Fry are projecting well as starters. This doesn't mean we don't draft Tennant later on, or pick up a quality OG in the middle rounds. It just means that he didn't consider this a DIRE need on day 1 of camp.

McClain being gone and "not affecting our picks" tells me that he believes we have starting quality players already at that position. Again, it doesn't mean we don't pick up someone like Butler or Spikes, but it does mean we aren't adrift at sea at ILB....

The Tebow pick tells me pretty much all I needed to know about Brandstater. He must not be progressing well. Maybe we will move KO or Quinn, but I'm guessing the writing is on the wall for Brandstater now.


All in all, I was very pleased with the selections last night, but that's not what this thread is about. Do you think there were any other burning questions that were answered last night? Who do you think was the 3rd player we were going to take at 11?

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