Grade the draft

Draft Strategy:  A+

I must say the way Denver moved the board on day one was extremely impressive.  Whether you agree with picks or not is not the issue.  At the start of the draft they 2460 pts and finished with 2371, so they lost 89 pts in trades with 56 pts on the Tebow trade.  But the got EXACTLY the players they wanted and ended with two firsts and two thirds.  Next year they are setup to move again.   

Overall Picks B

Pick #22  DemaryriusThomas.  Great pick, Denver went down and worked him out just before the draft.  Plus they got him after move down twice.  You get your guy AND 3 extra picks! Wow.  A+

Pick #25  Tim Tebow.  Josh rates his player on a 2 year window - which is much more realistic.  Extremeley hard to grade this pick.  Did Denver get duped - interesting to know what other hats were in the house.  I hear its was 6 other teams.  Won't know for 2 years but believe me the work ethic and attitude just went up at Dove Valley.  This also told Kyle - based your first year performance you are not worth a long term contract of 5-6 million a year which he is seeking.  How can you disagree with that? C

Pick #45 Zane Beadles.  Very smart versatile lineman with high character.  Generally ranked about 2-4 for guards on most boards.  Please notice Denver got bigger but NOT huge, no Jerry, Ducasse.  I love the kid but thought they could of traded down and still got him.  He can play 4 positions. Grade B

Pick #80 J.D Walton.  As I posted earlier he was higher on Denver board than Tennant.  He is a much better run blocker, and very good shotgun center.  He did very well against McCoy and Suh.  Grade B+

Pick #87 Eric Decker.  Wow so so happy he fell, hope Denver did extra homework on his injuries.  We now have 2 WR's that are both 6' 3'' plus.  Decker is extremely productive, very smart scoring the highest score of WR's on the wonderlic - BTW Demaryrius was second.  Thomas, Decker, Royal, McKinley (who I still have great hopes for).  That's a SOLID young core.  Grade A

Pick #137 Perrish Cox.  Great talent, plays special teams, graded much higher than where he was drafted.  Does his character match Josh - on the surface no.  I'm not aware of Denver meeting with this player.  This is really a postion Denver needs to younger - I'm not sure they are going to pay Champ another 12 million to play after next year.  With Dawkins and Champ this kid will learn to be a pro and act like one.  If that happens - one of the steals of the draft.  Grade B

Pick #183 Eric Olsen.  This pick baffled me a bit.  With other position of need and players on the board like Joe Webb, Doren Dikcerson, Clifton Geathers, Jonathan Dwyer etc..  I was suprised.  What does this tell us?  We they want another guard that can play center.  I believe Olsen not Walton is that guy.  He player both and Notre Dame so is another player that can play 3 positions.  Grade C

Seven pick only ONE defensive player.  I really thought they would go DT/NT in round 2.  But Josh said he like his depth at that position.  Time will tell.

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