Getting tired..

Of the mass amounts of haters, misinformed, and ignorant people that have been posting about this years draft and the moves McDaniel has made. Not just on here, but on facebook, bleacher report, on other broncos fan forums, and so called "fans" that post on ESPN. It's getting tiring. How hard is it to see that this team is going in a different direction?

How can you not like what we did with this years draft? We gave up virtually nothing to select Tebow at 25th. And it's a SAFE pick, as well. You may think, how so? Think about it. He's a project, he has no pressure to come in and contribute right away, and even if he's asked to, he will put forth as much effort as expected from him. He's a goal-line threat, intelligent, talented, and coachable. He WANTS to be molded into an NFL quarterback. He WANTS to be coached. He WANTS to win and contribute any way possible. The WANT TO is what makes him safe.

Thomas, I'm very excited about, as well as Decker. They are two, big, possession type receivers that can come in and immediately improve our receiving corps. Rod Smith is still around to mentor them, and unlike Marshall, these guys will take his words to heart, not to head.

We filled our line issues, addressed the aging defensive backfield, and added depth to our line backing group with the draft AND through free-agency.


How hard is it to see that everything done this weekend is nothing but a plus? There can't be anything negative taken from what McDaniels was able to do during the draft. He has players that fit his mold, his system, his ideas of what an NFL player should be. They are all hard working, dedicated, proven team leaders from their respected college teams. None of them, with the exception of Tebow, were highly touted prospects. None of them sought extra attention. None of them are overly glamorous, again with the exception of Tebow's rock hard chiseled body, and none of them are ME FIRST players.

All holes were filled, a QB project was acquired, and youth and room for growth in all positions, in a very short period of time, has been added.


Orton, Quinn, Tebow, Brandstater - What is not to love here? 4 hard working quarterbacks who will do nothing but push each other and improve their overall skill. You may be worried about the years to come, not just this year, if all of these quarterbacks pan out to be serviceable but that's the beauty. They will improve, McDaniels knows this, and he will get value out of them. It's a great scheme, especially in this day and age, where quarterbacks are such a needed commodity. Orton INSTANTLY improved his value and I'm sure many teams will be hot on his status after this year. My guess is McX and co. resign him, and use him for trade bait. Same with Quinn. By coming to Denver and working with McDaniels, he INSTANTLY improves his trade value. He'll get a small window to improve his value across the NFL, but McDaniels will make sure it happens. Then there's Brandstater, he will be a serviceable backup. I never saw him as anything more. Lastly, Timmy Tebow. Goal-Line threat, unheard of work ethic, dedication, great skills, and again the WANT TO. Nothing but love here. I love every thing we have at this position.


Moreno, Buckhalter, Arrington - Again, what is not to love here? Each of these players fits the McDaniels role. They are all quick, hard running backs. Knowshon definitely needs to work on his footwork and his power, but he will be a definite factor this year with Buckhalter coming in to knock out big quick gains with fresh legs. Knowshon will be the work horse, and again Buckhalter will be the change of pace. The offense has changed, as our o-line has increased in size, but their roles won't change. Only thing I would like to see is a power back for short yardage situations because as we all know, knowshon was definitely lacking in that department last year.


Royal, Thomas, Decker, Gaffney, Stokely, Llyod, McKinley - Instant improvement. We drop 1 talented, big, possession receiver and pick up 2 great prospects in the act. I haven't had much chance to look at these 2 new comers yet but from what I've seen, read, and heard over this weekend I am nothing but excited. They are both big, sure handed guys. Both have the needed skills to be productive in an offense like ours, and Thomas brings much a needed vertical threat. With the returning guys, Royal and Gaffney specifically, we have 2 viable slot threats that are still a very safe option for Orton. Royal will no longer be asked to contribute in the return game so his sole focus will be on returning to his rookie form. Gaffney and Stokely will do just as they always have, contribute where and whenever needed. We have a tandem of receivers that are hard working play-makers with out all the drama and selfishness that typically comes along with production. I am thoroughly excited to see what Decker and Thomas bring to the table.


Graham, Branson, Quinn - Graham will continue to be a productive blocking tight end, nothing will change. What remains to be seen, however, is if Quinn will ever be the player McDaniels thought he was. I haven't seen anything thus far to say that he will be, but the jury isn't out yet. He now has every opportunity to produce and be a factor in our offense. With Scheff being shipped of, I see Branson as our possession TE, used in certain situations to expand the field and keep the opposition in check. Not as quick or as big as Scheff but he can definitely contribute in a similar fashion.


Clady, Kuper, Harris, Olsen, Polumbus, Beadles, Walton, S.Olsen - We know who will anchor the ends, Clady and Harris, but it will be very interesting to see who is put inside. Kuper and Olsen seem like they'd be serviceable inside, but with the addition of Beadles, Walton and Olsen, I'm very happy with the depth we have. I see Beadles contributing right away as well as Walton, but Olsen would be a good depth player to go along with the mix. I'm not sure if these guys are all as big as McDaniels was intending, but they are all very athletic and very intelligent blockers. I honestly believe any holes that we had, were now filled with this draft. It may take time for them to blossom but I'm confident they can all step in and contribute and strengthen our line much better than last years. I think this was the MAIN weakness in last years team. After the Baltimore game, in combination with the injuries, we were exposed. We now have depth, size, and strength. (Here's to Harris staying healthy)


Williams, Thomas, Bannan, Smith, Green, Fields, Baker - I'm not too familiar with this group but I like the additions we made. Williams, old yes, but he instantly brings a big body in the middle of our line. That was something we were missing late in the year. We have speed on the outside, but our inside is weak. This improves our line instantly. Thomas, I love. Bannan, I don't know much about but from watching videos that were posted on here when he was acquired, I like what he does. He's very smart, quick for his size, and very serviceable. Outside of that, we have depth and I feel like it's much improved over last years squad. Someone look into these guys a little more for me, I'm not too familiar with who we have.


Williams, Doom, Ayers, Haggan, Moss, Reid, Woodyard, Atkins, Larson, Ayodele, Kirlew - Love the depth and speed we have here. Williams and Doom will continue to be a force and Haggan really impressed me last year. Woodyard was a disappointment because the year previous he looked very promising, he reminded me of Ian Gold almost with his speed and quickness to the ball, but he didn't contribute as much as I expected. Ayers definitely needs to step up and cement himself opposite of Doom. The rest of the gang, it's depth. We have really good depth especially with Larson, Reid(I still don't see him as an OLB), and now Ayodele. We did nothing but get stronger I think and again, while not much changed this off season, I feel like our LB corps are improved. 


Champ, Goodman, Dawkins, Hill, Carter, Bruton, Barrett, Smith, McBath, Jones, Cox, Thompson - Champ and Goodman, nothing bad I can say about them. Goodman really stepped it up late in the year and I think he outplayed Champ as the season went on. I saw him make play, after play, after play, and definitely got better as the year went on. McBath was definitely a play-maker before he went down with a broken forearm, and I look forward to seeing how he progresses this year. Dawkins doesn't seem to have lost a step with age, at all. He's just as quick as he ever was and #20 is in there on the ball every single down. I forgot Renaldo Hill. Hill was a great addition by McDaniels last year, as was Goodman. He came in and contributed immediately and helped in the middle of the field beside B-Dawk. With the Youth behind these two, you can't help but smile. I love Cox and Thompson behind Champ and Goodman, Tony Carter too. If Alphonso improves and cements himself in the defensive backfield, we have 4 young prospects to learn under 2 vets that are a master at their craft. We are instantly improved over last year, as stout as we were.


There is nothing not to love about this years team. Every area is improved, every area has youth, depth, and talent as well as the team oriented play style. And something that may be looked over here.. YOUTH. Youth is everywhere. What's not to love about that?


13-3 til' we ain't.


Much love to all of you true, thinking, reasonable Broncos fans. You help me rest easy at the end of the day.

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