A few random thoughts

This has been such a roller-coaster of a weekend.  Let it never be said that the Broncos are boring, in any way!  Anyways, I've started to post several times, but on a few different topics.  I decided to wait until things settled down a little bit.  Now I'm ready to get everyone's take on a few things.  After.....

I'm not sure where to start....KIDDING!

1.) TEBOW.

I'm one of the people who did not care for the pick, mainly because of what we gave up for it.  The more I think about it, the more I'm feeling that there is really nothing not to like about this kid.  He seems like a genuinely good person.  He works hard, and he seems to be the kind of player who will not let anything stop him from being the best.  

I was never crazy about Cutler.  I'm a believer that at some point a QB is measured by wins, like it or not.  When we drafted 6, I couldn't shake the feeling that we were getting someone who put up some numbers, but just didn't seem to know how to win, if that makes sense.  Now, with Tebow, we have drafted someone who almost wills his teams to wins (at least in college).  As I recall, that's something that we used to see quite a lot with the Broncos.

I keep thinking about a line from that classic movie, "White Men Can't Jump."  Something about how some players would rather look good and lose, while others would rather look ugly and win...

2.)  CLADY question

How will having a left-handed QB of the future affect Ryan Clady?  Should he eventually be moved to the RT spot, given how valuable he is in protecting the blind side?  Or is that an overstated consideration?  Would we be better served to leave Clady at LT for his career, regardless of who the QB is.  I still think Clady is the best player on the roster, and we need to do everything possible to maximize his effectiveness.  Thoughts?

3.)  Is the AFC West on the comeback trail?

This is the train of thought that has caused me to shower in scalding-hot water several times this weekend.  Overall, I was fairly impressed with the Raiders' weekend.  They drafted fairly smart (for them).  They go get Campbell, who I still feel has a chance to be a very good pro QB, if he's given a chance to develop in one system for a while.  If they cut JaMarcus, I'm going to panic, because that move will suggest Al might not be fully in control anymore!  

The Chargers picked up a talented RB and a young replacement at NT.  I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to KC, but I keep reading they had a well-graded draft as far as the 'experts' are concerned.  Plus, I still wake up thinking about the season finale at Invesco....<shudders>.

So yes, I'm worried that the AFCW is getting stronger from top to bottom.  I remain optimistic that McD's plan will yield success, but I hope it happens sooner than later, given what the rest of the division is doing.  That said, I'm thrilled to see the West become powerful again.  I remember when it was one of the best divisions in the NFL, and I loved that time.  The rivalries were all more meaningful, and it meant something to win this division.  I can't believe I'm wishing for any kind of success for.....those other 3 teams.....but I'd like to see our division become and remain competitive.  (Even the Raiders!  bleeeeeecccccchhhhhhhh)

4.)  Jersey help!

I have a feeling I know what will be the overwhelming answer, but I have to put it to a vote:

I'm boycotting buying jerseys of current players.  The last few purchases I have hanging in the closet are:  McCaffrey (right before he retired), Mike Anderson, Jake Plummer, Brandon Marshall.  You want a player gone?  Let me know.  All I have to do is drop a c-note on a jersey, and he will be outta here!

From now on, I only buy 'classic' jerseys.  The shop down the street is having a sale, and I can finally replace my old, tattered, "ironed-on number 7" Elway with a good, "stitched number 7" Elway.  My only dilemma:  Do I buy a classic orange 7, or the super bowl team era blue 7?

All Ready!

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