What the 2010 NFL draft taught me

I would first like to say what a great draft this was for Denver. They got plenty of talent and had very few reaches. I think with the picks we took, and the ones we didnt, we learned quite a bit about what McX feels about the team we have. I think we can make asumptions about this, as the draft was at McX's mercy as they proved they could move to anywhere in the draft and still keep a good amount of deeper picks, so essentially they could have gotten whatever players they wanted.

QB: First off, Tebow obviously taught us something. McX LOVES THIS GUY. Maybe 25 was a little high to draft him, but I have no doubt in my mind he wouldnt have lasted till 43. It was a good move and McX now has their stop gap QB in Orton, a viable back-up for now and the future in Quinn, and now Tebow is the future at this position. I do believe this will lead to Brandstater leaving, and I feel sorry for him, but I think Tebow is the better QB for now and later. What once was a position that many of us had no clue what direction we'd go in, and no bright future, is now a position that leaves me and McX with confidence.

RB: No RB taken? Many of us felt we would take a guy later in the draft. I think this leads us to believe that McX is happy with KnowMo and Buck, and that maybe JJ Arrington can be the scat back we wanted.

WR: 2 early picks in one position? McX was not confident in our WR corps after BMarsh left, and for good reason. I think Gaff and Roayl will still have a role, but I think we have learned that maybe in a year or 2 Stoke and Lloyd may be gone. I also think here McKinley does not inspre confidence for McX, and he may be the odd man out if he doesnt improve in his return game.

OL: Massive haul, and what we expected. McX obviously shared our concerns about the interior/depth of our OL, and made 3 picks here!!!!!! the first 2 guys will have a chance to start, and I think Olsen may provide good depth and a possible future option.

DL: I thought they might make one pick here, but I guess not. I think this shows McX is quite confident in the big 3 J's and the youthful depth we have behind them.

LB: Similar to DL. I think McX is getting ready for what many of us have been calling for: Doom, Ayers, Haggan, and DJ. A very good LB corps. they also drafted Jammie Carliew for depth, and Larsen and Woodyard will provide good depth/ST players. I was hoping for a result like this from McX, and we got it.

CB: McX clearly doesnt like the depth we have here. Smith better step up, or he may be done here very shortly. These two guys we got should help with depth and possibly give us 2 starters to eventually replace Goodman and Champ. I am pretty excited for the competition for the nicel spot, and it should include every CB we have on the roster.

S: Not drafting one here shows McX is confident in both Dawk and Hill (no surprise) and that they are also ready for a McBath and Bruton/Barret S tandem for the future.


I LOVED THIS DRAFT. I also think the best part about it, other than the talent at need positions and depth we got, was what it showed us was going on in the minds of McX. Lemme no what you guys think of my thoughts

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