My own crazy draft story with a few thoughts

1. So, on the day of the draft I was in a hospital, on a hospital bed, and was too sick to watch the draft.  I could not watch the screen of the TV in my room without having to throw up, literally.  I spent months thinking, fantasizing, and plotting the various meals I would eat for the draft nights but it all fell through.  Talk about disappointment.  I won't bore you with the details but I am still in a hospital as I write this and should be released any day now.  I am relatively young (33) and have never been a patient in a hospital before (not fun).  Being sick prevented me from submitting anything Draftivus related.  Maybe next year !  With this said, on to a few football thoughts:

2. I remember being critical of mocks that showed us picking an inordinate percentage of offensive or defensive players.  I apologize.  After observing two McD drafts, you CAN make decent inferences about player selections based on who we bring in to workout, but you really CAN'T infer when or how.   My mocks were overwhelmingly biased towards O-Line and D-Line.  I got some things right, I got some things wrong.  In the end, I suck as much, if not more than the next guy.  

3. One pet-peeve I have lately has to do with commentary about Tim Tebow.  TIM TEBOW DID NOT CHANGE HIS THROWING MOTION, HE CHANGED HIS WIND UP.   I would not have wanted Tebow if he had to make major changes to his throwing motion.  Changing a wind up is not a small thing, but it certainly is not the major thing people are making it out to be.  Essentially, Tebow throws the ball the same way as before, he just changed the way he prepares to throw.  McD, pre-draft, noted that in his mind, Tebow's only mechanical flaw was "dipping" the ball prior to delivery.  Big whoop.  In my mind, Tebow changing his wind up is about the same as a hitter making slight modifications to his batting stance but maintaining the same exact swing.

4. I love the double standards routinely employed against Evangelical Christians on a daily basis in our world.  I share Tebow's ideology and I won't let this evolve into a political/religious post.  I do have to say something though.  For some reason, people think Evangelical Christians are the only one's who feel compelled to share their beliefs with others.  People think Evangelical Christians "force" their beliefs onto others!  Here is the deal, in my life, I have been urged to convert by Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons, etc. etc.!  In fact, not less than seven hours ago, I was urged to convert by a Buddhist.  I am a product of public schools and, modern American culture, I have had secular, liberal, relativistic beliefs forced upon me my entire life.  It's funny how that never warrants much discussion.  Here is my point:  Timmy, if the world hates you, you must be doing something right!  This brings me to my next point.  

5. I will be curious to see if there will ultimately be a Tim Tebow policy on this site.  I am not a quiet or meek proponent of my beliefs and I will routinely complain and be my usual jackass self if some of the Tebow discussion devolves into outright hate like Mike Florio etc.  I have a much greater faith in my MHR friends so I don't imagine this will be an issue.  I also don't plan on making any further posts on Tebow having to do with politics/religion unless I am addressing a specific comment.  

6. The idea of commentators grading drafts immediately afterwards is becoming less relevant.  So many picks, ours included, are "reaches" in the historic sense but are not reaches in the individual team sense because they are picks made to address a specific scheme.  Scheme-specific picks are hard to evaluate and criticize immediately.  

7.  By the way, who told McD he had to go out and pick high-character players???  Nobody.  99 out of 100 coaches would have sacrificed long-term best interest for short-term winning.  Not McD.  This coach is wise beyond his years.  This character requirement is perhaps the trait of his that I admire the most.  Thanks for attempting to put a product on the field that my family will be able to enjoy.  Once again, nobody told him to do it this way, he just chose to.  Pretty amazing for a guy who is so young.  

8.  Sorry to be controversial, feel free and kick me in the groin.  (:

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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