The NFL Draft is a gamble. Don’t sugar coat it!!! My thinking is.....


if we rate it just on college performance, than Sayre I agree with your A. To rate this right now is very difficult. Tebow will be the deciding factor. I truly believe he will work harder than any other QB in the draft or on the current roster. I’m not questioning him as a player, but more his ability as a Pro. A lot of great college players just don’t have what it takes in the NFL. If he can learn to read defenses than watch out, he may just be the next Steve Young (Nobody can compare to Elway in Denver, so please don’t even start that). Thomas is a big guy who should help the heeling process of losing Brandon Marshall. I feel this is a wash, so throw that pick out. I know the off-field issues and character issues, but you can’t deny his skills as a WR. Marshall will be a great WR for years to come. I personally will miss him in Orange and Blue. If things go differently on that New Years Eve, maybe Brandon is still here with D. Williams (RIP). How would you be if you had to live the rest of your life with that on your shoulders? A terrible event that would make the toughest of men crumble. Just saying not making excuses! O-Line never is the sexiest of picks. Beadles may be a reach right now, but if he makes it to a Pro Bowl than he is a value pick. Only time will tell. As for the other lineman they fill a need and should help us control the line of scrimmage which in turn makes them decent to good picks. Eric Decker and Parrish Cox are the meat of this draft. If they perform at the level most feel they should then this is an A++!! I have seen Cox already the replacement for Champ Bailey. Really! You can’t replace Champ Bailey just hope to see a glimpse of his greatness come out in others. The best complete corner ever! A first ballot Hall of Famer can never be replaced. Quan will have to fight for a roster spot and Kirlew is on the outside looking in. I’ve heard that Coach McDaniel’s goes into the draft with his best 96-100 players and sticks to it. If true I have to think he got his best players in the spots they fell. The 2010 Denver Bronco’s will be different from the teams we’ve seen in recent years. I’m looking forward to watching them gel and play together.

To recap:

D. Thomas-NG (I’m hoping is a wash for losing Brandon Marshall)

T. Tebow-B (with a curve very possible may be the best player drafted in 2010)

Z. Beadles-C (I have to assume was a reach)

J.D. Walton-B (filled a need, may not start day 1. If starts this moves to an A)

E. Decker-A (as long as he can stay healthy. He is a beast! My favorite pick of the draft!!!!)

P. Cox-C (Comes with issues, but plays like a monster. Didn’t we just lose Marshall for the same reason?)

E. Olsen-C (Not real sure about this pick. Don’t know how he fits)

S. Thompson-D (Hope he makes the roster but with the CB/S’s we currently have this will be tough)

J. Kirlew-NG (No grade this is Denver’s Mr. Irrelevant)

Final Grade:  C (The only thing that is certain is this WILL change)



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