I Am Fearless. Digger, I Accept

Digger posted a nice article right here. In this article, he states, "If you're really brave predict the cuts down to 53."

Well, I happen to be fearless. So Digger my good sir, I accept your challenge.


This is the depth chart for 2009 according to CBS.

QB: Orton, Simms, Brandstater

RB: Moreno, Buckhalter, Jordan, Hillis

OT: Clady, Harris, Polumbus,

OG: Kuper, Hamilton, Hochstein, Olsen

C: Weigmann

TE: Graham, Scheffler, Quinn

WR: Marshall, Royal, Gaffney, Stokley, LLoyd, McKinley

K: Prater

LS: Paxton


NT: Fields, Thomas, Baker

DE: Peterson, McBean, Holliday, Kevin Smith

OLB: Dumervil, Haggan, Ayers, Reid, Moss

ILB: Williams, Davis, Woodyard, Larsen

CB: Bailey, Goodman, Carter, Smith, Law

S: Dawkins, Hill, McBath, Bruton, Barrett, Fox

P: Berger





Here is Digger's depth chart.

QB-Orton, B.Quinn, Brandstater, Tebow

RB-Moreno, Buckhalter, Arrington, Hall, Ball, Brown, Baker

OT-Clady, Harris, Polumbus, Batiste, Duncan, Marinelli

OG-Kuper, S.Olsen, Beadles, Hochstein, McChesney, Shumard

C-Walton, E.Olsen, Fry

TE-Graham, R.Quinn, Branson, Greer, Overbay





NT-J.Williams, Baker

DE-Bannon, Fields, Green, McBean, M.Thomas, L.K.Smith, Baston, Stehle


ILB-DJWilliams, Larsen, Woodyard, Ayodele, Kelly, Bishop

CB-Bailey, Goodman, Jones, A.Smith, Cox, Thompson, Carter, Vaughn

S-Dawkins, Hill, McBath, Bruton, Barrett, Bowman, McCarthy

P-Colquitt, Trapasso




This is my mock depth chart.

QB: Orton, Quinn, Tebow

RB: Moreno, Buckhalter, Arrington, Baker

OT: Clady, Harris, Polumbus

OG: Kuper, Beadles, (S. Olsen, vs. Hochstein)

C: Walton, E. Olsen

TE: Graham, Quinn, Branson

WR: Royal, Thomas, Gaffney, Decker, (Stokley vs LLoyd vs Willis vs McKinley)

K: Prater

LS: Paxton


NT: Williams, Baker

DE: Bannan, Green (Fields vs McBean)

OLB: Dumervil, Ayers, Reid, Kirlew

ILB: DJ Williams, Hagan, Ayodele, (Larsen vs. Woodyard)

CB: Bailey, Goodman, Cox, Jones, (Smith vs. Thompson)

S: Dawkins, Hill, McBath, Bruton, Barrett

P: Colquitt


There are 56 players on here. We are only allowed 53. So I put a couple of positional battles of who I think will be fighting for their jobs come training camp.


Notable cuts:





L Kevin Smith




Now I'll admit that I have no idea who is practice squad elligble and who is not. So here is my best shot. If I mess it up, then I apologize.


Practice Squad











Alright there you go. Take a look and let's start debating who will be gone by the start of the season. I would bet that there is sure to be someone who is going to get cut and we will say "Wow". Question is, "Who?"

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