Brady Quinn...Good enough to become a starter?

We get closer to the NFL Dratt each passing day! We're less than 3 weeks away, and there's not one fan in this site who's not planning on attaching themselves to a nice soft chair, and watch the crafting of our 2010 team, pick by pick.  So as a prelude,  I wanted to revisit an issue that is highly debated within our community. The issue is simple; who's our QB for the future? Is he here? Well, truthfully we don't know...yet!  I spent time like all of you running down career stats for Brady Quinn. I keep hearing about his inaccuracy, and how after 12 games he's labeled an NFL bust...Really?  How could a guy that rose to the heights of success he did at ND, suddenly become ineffective and inaccurate.  What does Josh see, that most MSM doesn't?  Here's some interesting facts about Brady that some of you may not have seen. I was going to Juxtapose these stats along side Ortons. However, Orton's body of work, like Jay Cutler's don't require going back to his college days  We can compare them head to head as we've done numerous times. But in the case of Brady Quinn, I believe you'te almost required to do so. Let's take a look at some of what he did at ND to justify not his "Fall" in the draft, but his selection @ pick #22.  After the jump.... 

Take a look!  Decide based on what he's accomplished, not what we're bombarded with by the great MSM pundits almost daily.  Here's who Brady Quinn is, and what he did to justify his selection in the NFL.  What do you think, franchise QB or Mile High Bust?

Brady Quinn:

Quinn's Career Passing Highs:
Completions - 33 (Michigan State, 2005)
Attempts - 60 (Michigan State, 2005)
Yards - 487 (Michigan State, 2005)
Touchdowns - 6 (BYU, 2005)
Completion Percentage - 80.5 (at Purdue, 2005)
Longest Completion - 85 (to Maurice Stovall at Purdue, 2003)
Interceptions - 4 (at Purdue, 2003)

School Records Held By Quinn:

Completions (33, vs. Michigan State, 2005 - record shared with Joe Theismann, 33, at USC, 1970)
Consecutive Completions (14 vs. Ohio State in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl - record shared with Ron Powlus, 14, vs. Michigan State, 1997)
Touchdown Passes (6 vs. BYU, 2005)
Passes without an interception (45 vs. Ohio State, 2006 Fiesta Bowl)

Passing Attempts (450, 2005)
Attempts Per Game (37.5, 2005)
Passing Completions (292, 2005)
Completions Per Game (24.3, 2005)
Completion Percentage (64.9, 2005)
Pass Efficiency Rating (158.4, 2005)
Passing Yards (3919, 2005)
Passing Yards Per Game (326.6, 2005)
Touchdown Passes (32, 2005)
Passes without an interception, multiple games (130 - USC 2005 - Navy 2005)
Total Plays (520 in 2005)
Yards Gained (4,009 in 2005)
Yards Per Game (334.1 in 2005)
Points Responsible For (198 in 2005)
Points Responsible For, Per Game (16.5 in 2005)

Passing Attempts (1135 and counting, 2003-present)
Attempts Per Game (31.5, 2003-present)
Passing Completions (640 and counting, 2003-present)
Passing Yards (8336 and counting, 2003-present)
Passing Yards Per Game (231.6, 2003-present)
Touchdown Passes (58 and counting, 2003-present)
Total Plays (1307 and counting, 2003-present)
Yards Gained (8,447 and counting, 2003-present)
Yards Per Game (234.6, 2003-present)
Points Responsible For (372 and counting, 2003-present)
Points Responsible For, Per Game (10.3, 2003-present)

CAREER: A contender for college football's highest honors this season ... rated the number-one quarterback in college football for 2006 by The Sporting News and Lindy's ... a 2006 first-team preseason All-America selection by The Sporting News, Lindy's, Athlon, Street & Smith's and ... a preseason Maxwell Award candidate ... the most prolific passer in Notre Dame's storied history ... owns 30 Notre Dame records (nine career, nine single-season, four single-game and eight others) ... two-time Irish captain, joining Tom Zbikowski and Travis Thomas as Notre Dame's 2006 captains.

So, is he a potential franchise QB? A pretender? A bust? Or just a good #2 to support Kyle Orton?

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