My Mockery of the Mock Process

Not really, but catchy title eh?

Please do not take offense, I thoroughly understand the reasoning and the fun it can be creating and/or reading mock drafts.

However, I am not one who enjoys all this (especially sooo many) pure speculation. To me, it equates to the whole summer and into preseason being filled with post after post of 'my prediction of our W/L for each game this year' posts, which we don't see too many of (thank goodness), relatively of course, when compared to the number of mock drafts we see.  I think Fantasy Football is ten times better than attempting to predict either of the former, and that isn't saying much, because Fantasy Football seems to take (any) fans' focus from their team and it's players, to hoping whoever they drafted in their fantasy league does good. Keep on after the leap....

Now, a few good things about mock drafts, mock W/L's for the year and Fantasy Football;

1. - They all allow and sometimes force one to become more familiar with other teams and players, which (especially if we actually had a say in any of our teams' functionality) is always beneficial to know your opponent/competition.

2. - They tend to lead to open-minded mentality, and certainly solidify ones' learnings of football in general, and particulars of schemes, player position responsibility, and overall expectations of a player or group of players.

3. - Either of the three encourages an objective viewpoint, which (especially when you're a La La Lander like me) never hurts.


It is always hilarious to me when people get all offended by something coach (McDaniels) does or doesn't do. It's hard not to feel a certain loathing for one who calls themselves a Bronco fan, then proceeds to 'bash' a player or more commonly our new coach.  Especially before his first season ever started.  Granted, I do a superb job of not allowing that contempt to come out - to each their own, as it were.  But that doesn't make it okay to be such a superficial (expletive deleted).  I am just not one to feel or believe that I know better than the dude who owns and runs this wonderful franchise, ALMOST regardless of any proof/evidence to the contrary (and on that note, thank you again, constantly, Mr. Bowlen).

Okay, it's not 'hilarious' all the time, most of the time it is quite frustrating to see the fickle-ossity of some people, and it does have an effect on other true fans, especially in regards to - going to a game, and knowing you could very well be sitting right next to one of the 'fire McDaniels' types, who has never achieved the concept of supporting your team no matter what.  Or you could be on the other end of the spectrum, and have plenty of good reasoning behind why you do not desire McDaniels to continue to be Our coach, and be sitting next to someone who blindly follows the team, never entertaining the notion that Our team can and does mess up.

Alright, so my post wasn't solely about mocking the mocks, but I haven't posted in a while and regarding the whole Marshall issue, seeing so many who are ready to get rid of him, kind of irks me.... Brandon said at one point during or right after the season, that he would like to retire a Bronco.  Whether he honestly and wholly feels that way is one thing, but I can agree with the sentiment 100%.

So he doesn't have Rod Smith's type of character.  So he doesn't have Elway's attitude of being a team player.  Those are two examples of outstanding aspects of those two players (not people outside of football, because I do not personally know either to vouch for said traits), we cannot expect every player to ever play for the Broncos to portray and maintain said characteristics.  Though Brandon can still come a loong way in improving these traits, he does possess both.  It is ignorant to say he has never been a team player, and even moreso to say he is low-life scum (or whatever way one words it).  We don't know what Brandon does in his personal time, save for the highly publicized negative crap that has been flung about, does anyone who is so willing to bash Brandon even notice or ever point out the positive things he has done?

Can't think of any? Quit focusing on the negative dammit!  I won't be so generous as to point out any of the awesome things he has done, if you care, you already know (plus even I don't know all the great things, let alone the bad, he has accomplished on a personal level). If you don't, me pointing it out likely won't do any good any way... If you kinda do and kinda don't care, and aren't aware of the positives, maybe this will provoke you to look into it? Point is, the main thing we, as fans, should be concerned with is if he can truly be a good TEAM player, and consequentially, a good teammate. Personal issues should only concern us when it is the good, unless it is horribly wrong, though we are all human, and this day being the day that should at least remind us of the power of forgiveness if nothing else, provided me an opportunity to point out that --> I think Brandon has earned some forgiveness for his transgressions, and deserves the opportunity to prove more, not only as a Bronco, but on a personal level as well (as if that's any of our business).

Again, this post is not intended to offend or raise anyone up on a pedestal.  Just some thoughts and points that I feel can be elaborated on.  I appreciate every rational post, comment and debate (and even some of the irrational ones) here on MHR when done in a respectful manner (which is almost always), and wish I could contribute more often and evermore in perpetual positive ways.


Thanks all, give me some mock feedback.

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