it.'m not going to do a long lead-in. Picks are chosen from DraftTek's Big Board for this version but I'll try to use CBS in a later version because they're more accurate. Picks are only chosen from available players at the time of the pick.

There's a fairly well-developed strategy and set of needs but I won't try to explain that here.  This provides a recent list of priorities.


1st) #11 - Trent Williams, OT/OG  (reach of 3).

Discussion -- I decided to to with him even though Ryan Harris has been diagnosed as making a full recovery. The other obvious alternative is Rolando McClain (ILB), who I decided to pass on because of several factors; value of ILB, need on the OL, Chrohn's disease, and some assorted other concerns. Earl Thomas (FS/CB) is the other alternative for this pick.

2nd) #45 - Terrance Cody, NT (reach of 4)

Discussion: I considered a great number of players here. I determined that the value was appropriate for Cody and our depth situation at NT should allow for another player if Fields plays DE.

3rd) - #80 - J. D. Walton, OC (reach of 10).

Discussion: Donald Butler, ILB, was given serious consideration (reach of 6). Matt Tennant, OC, was also considered (reach of 7).

4th) - #114 - Jamar Chaney, ILB (reach of 11).

Discussion: Alteraun Verner, CB, was given serious consideration (reach of 9). Jordan Shipley (reach of 2), Arthur Jones, DE (reach of 5), and Riley Cooper, WR (reach of 17) were given consideration.

6th) - #183 - Kevin Thomas, CB (reach of 14).

Discussion: This pick was a virtual tie with  Emmanuel Sanders, WR / KR (reach of 5). Thomas has an opening but Sanders doesn't, although WR is fuzzy enough to warrant finding picks through trade and drafting Sanders, too. I expect a Scheffler trade might supply a pick but I made no provisions for trades in advance of this exercise.

7th) - #220 - Seyi Ajirotutu, WR (reach of 2).

Discussion:  I would consider Tony Washington, OT (reach of 21) here.



1) - Trent Williams, OT

2) - Terrance Cody, NT

3) - J. D. Walton, OC

4) - Jamar Chaney, ILB

6) - Kevin Thomas, CB + *6b) - Emmanual Sanders, WR

7) - Seyi Ajirotutu, WR


Final Discussion: One position that's missing is big back, and this partly an artifact of the process. I considered Lonyae Miller but knew little about him. TE was another position that I might have filled if I knew the late picks better. I hadn't really pre-decided on any picks so even the 1st pick was a spur of the moment decision. Of course, my own previous arguments are still operative, but I didn't know who would be available on DraftTek's Big Board.

I hadn't thought of the Cody pick in advance but I do consider NT weak enough to warrant a pick if the right athlete is available. Cody isn't my favorite but I like him better than the alternatives at that point.

The amount of picks that I would still pursue as UDFAs is enormous. Mentioning some leaves many, many more out and I don't want to leave the impression that I wouldn't be interested in those others. Joe Hawley, OC (#259), is one I've mentioned, and I think we have to develop this position on the PS so he's a perfect fit. Jameson Konz, FB (#261), is an intriguing prospect but he wouldn't fill the need for a big back.

I save further comments for responses.

(NOTE: Emmanuel Sanders is added though a trade in the 6th involving Scheffler.)

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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