Just a thought.....

I have been following the many mock drafts and thoughts of everyone. I enjoy the back and forth in the postings a lot.


For those who may remember, last year I had preached the desire to draft Sammie Lee Hill who I believed would contribute during the season and become a beast a few years down the line when he learned the nuances of the NFL. Well, Detroit got him and he did play some and showed flashes of great things to come. If Detroit gets Suh this year, as many are predicting, all I have to say is OUCH!


This year, I would like to see Denver trade down and get more picks, but something along the line of a 1st, 3rd, 6th and 7th picks. Why the low picks? Because this year I see some sweet stuff sitting in the low rounds.

First off let me get the two with the bloodlines out of the way.

Kevin Matthews OC Texas A&M I really think will become a very good one because he has an NFL Center in the family. Good size at 6-4 and 305 and who can argue with the 2nd generation of Matthews boys (see Clay Matthews)? Yes, there are questions and he is a bit weak at the POA, but he is coachable and will improve.

Clifton Geathers DE 6-7 299 South Carolina. Nephew of Jumpy best known for the "Forklift" move (man I loved watching that) and his brother is with Cincinnati. Needs to learn some moves and is a bit inconsistent, but I am sure Nunnely will fix that. He is predicted to be taken in the 4th round, but I think he will go later.

Now, for my Sammie Lee Hill of this draft, Martin Tevaseu of UNLV. At 6-1 and 329 he fits the mold. Has a good motor and desire. The same things that were said about Hill. What can I say? I get the same feeling about Tevaseu as I did about Hill, plus the fact that Tevaseu is a Samoan, and as we all know, Samoans hit, hit hard and get up and hit again. My kind of DL for sure.


On offense I just love OT Jared Veldheer because of his athleticism, size and the college he went to is an awesome school, so he definitely is no dummy and can learn more. The same with Alabama-Birmingham WR-QB Jeff Webb. If you want another Rod Smith, here he is. He was a QB in college and like Rod Smith when he learns the routes he will know them as a WR and QB, which will help his QB to find him. 


For those who want a KR I say forget Holliday. Give me Brandon James for the simple fact he beat out Percy Harvin and is more dangerous on returns than Harvin. Also is willing to cover kicks and punts. With his speed he would make a great Gunner. Also bigger than Holliday and may be another Sproules, "mini" Mack Herron type of RB/KR.


Well, that is my 2Cents on this draft. I rarely ever think about the first few rounds because I enjoy the "sleepers". Finding another Karl Mecklenburg, Shannon Sharpe, Maa Tanuvasa or Rod Smith is what I enjoy. Man, just think if McX were to find another one or two of the above players. That would be SWEET!


I hope that Mr.'s Baker and Pedescleaux come on big time this year.


Go Broncos!

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