The Anti-Mock Draft

Everybody on this website knows the strengths and weaknesses of the Broncos. There have been so many mock drafts that you could predict who everyone is going to aim for. I am going to do an anti-mock draft. I am going to post a list of players I think the Broncos should stay away from in the first 2 rounds.


Round 1 Pick # 11

Dez Bryant

Some say the criticism is over blown. I am not one of those people. The facts are that he lied to the NCAA, he hasn't played a game in a long time, and (as McGeorge pointed out) his agent is the same one that Crabtree uses. Now it may be unfair to jump to conclusions that he is going to hold out like Crabtree did, but it is a logical concern.  It doesn't matter how good Dez is, his possible hold out along with the questions about his character have me saying no to Dez Bryant.

Rolando McClain

The biggest controversy at this pick will be Rolando McClain. Many say we should take him. Many say we should pass. I think that we should pass. There have been several posts on this website about Chron's. The information is out there. It is a manageable disease, but it effects each person differently and could flare up at any time. That reason alone is enough for me to pass on McClain. Denver needs help at some crucial positions. I am not willing to use our first round pick on a guy who we have to ask "what if". What if his Chron's doesn't flare up and he ends up being a starter for us for 10 years. Well what if it does flare up and he is forced to retire early. I would much rather take a guy like Pouncey or Iupati who has no major medical problems. The only questions about them are about their abilities. The same cannot be said for Rolando McClain.

Dan Williams

We made a bunch of defensive line acquisitions. So already we don't have a huge need for Dan Williams. Throw in the fact that there are a bunch of questions about him being a one year wonder and you can officially cross Williams off the list. We would be much better off just ignoring Williams entirely. Even if we get another 1st rounder, I would rather go somewhere else.

Terrence Cody

Same boat as Williams. We already got a bunch of defensive lineman so we don't need one anyway. Then there are a bunch of questions about his work ethic. He is projected to go to the Chargers. You know what, they can have him. If we get Pouncey, it will be Pouncey vs on.


Round 2 Pick # 45

Brandon Spikes

ILB is a big need. Spikes is a hard hitting linebacker from Florida. However, we shouldn't touch him in this position. His 40 times has him sliding into the 3rd or even 4th round. If we want him, we trade up from the 3rd or 4th round and get him. We do not spend # 45 on him. I am going on record now and saying we will choose McCluster or Gerhart in this position unless there is an unexpected slide.

Kareem Jackson

He has been brought in for a visit. I really don't see why. I have said in the past that we need some more help at cornerback. However, Kareem Jackson is not what I had in mind. Joe Haden is the only early round cornerback that is worth a look at. Jackson is a good physical man coverage guy, but we do have bigger needs then cornerback. If we don't have any additional picks from trades, I say we  pass on Jackson.

Tyson Alualu

A 2nd round defensive tackle might be a good idea. However, it would only be a good idea if we had additional picks and if the player was Linval Joseph, Torrell Troup, or Cam Thomas. There are questions as to if Alualu can fit into a 3-4. It's debatable, but either way we don't have enough picks at the moment to use on a questionable 3-4 defensive lineman.

Carlos Dunlap

Surprising to think that he was at one time considered a top 20 draft pick, Dunlap has fallen all the way down here due to questions about his work ethic and on field dedication. Reports are that he was a player who took plays off. Even though he has extremely impressive athleticism, he is my number 1 pick to be a bust... Now that I think about it, I think it is a lock that Oakland takes him.


There you go. 8 players that I think the Broncos should avoid in the first 2 rounds. Each have their upsides, but they each have enough concerns to make me shy away from them. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you also think Carlos Dunlap to Oakland at # 8 is a classic Al Davis move? Comment and let's talk about it.

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