Optimist vs Pessimist: Josh McDaniels and Tim Tebow

The first part of this post covered a variety of issues. I talked about all of the topics that have split Bronco Country. From Kyle Orton, The Offensive Line, and the Linebackers to Wink, the Schedule, and even MHR, I tried to cover everything. However, there were 2 obvious omissions to the last post: Josh McDaniels and Tim Tebow. How could I forget the 2 people who have split Bronco Country the most?! Well, I didn't. They deserved a post dedicated to them. That's how controversial they are. So without further ado:


Let's start with the man who is responsible for Tebow being a Bronco: Josh McDaniels


Josh McDaniels is a living, breathing controversy. There are very few things that he has done that haven't ignited a huge controversy. Let's look at 3 of the most controversial things that Josh has done.

The Trade Jay Cutler

Let's be honest, This was one of the worst things he could have done coming into the Broncos organization. He was brought into a team that had a wonderful, young offense. He had a young, talented pro bowl qb who hadn't even started his best years of football. Cutler had a rocket arm and the sky was the limit. One of the worst if not the worst thing to do in that situation was to trade Jay Cutler. QB is the most important position on a team and McDaniels had a young, pro bowl caliber qb that he traded away for Kyle Orton and draft picks. It didn't matter that the bounty for Cutler was substantial, Josh McDaniels traded away his young, pro bowl qb and was without a franchise qb. It made the team worse.

The Benching of Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler

Denver blew their 6-0 start. They headed into week 17 with a chance to still make the playoffs. They absolutely had to win. So in the preparation for the final game, Josh McDaniels suspended his best offensive player in Brandon Marshall and another big play weapon in Tony Scheffler. Talk about controversial. In a must win game, Denver was left without 2 big offensive weapons. Brandon Marshall had said he was having trouble with his hamstrings. Brandon was reportedly late for the therapy session. Add on top of the teams suspicion to how legitimate the injury was and Brandon was suspended. Tony was suspended after he was overheard saying that he couldn't wait until the season was over. Everyone had their opinions about this, but the fact is that Denver had a better chance of winning with Brandon and Tony then without. That is why the benching was so controversial.

The Trading of Brandon Marshall

It was expected for a long time. Everyone knew it was gonna happen. However, it is still very controversial. Brandon Marshall was yet another young, talented pro bowl caliber player on the Broncos that McDaniels ended up trading. Since McDaniels got the job, he had his ups and downs with Brandon. When he suspended Brandon in the pre season, everyone pretty much assumed that he was on the block to go. Brandon probably would have liked to be traded sooner, but McDaniels kept Brandon for the entire year. Brandon went on to earn a pro bowl berth. Everything seemed a lot better, but the week 17 benching was the icing on the cake. Brandon was as good as gone. Even until the very end, Brandon had his supporters who campaigned for him to stay. But it was too little too late. Time will tell if it was the right move, but if Denver's offense struggles this year, you better get ready for the critics to come out with all guns blazing.

Other Controversial Things

2009 Draft

Josh McDaniels came into the league and got rid of the franchise QB in Jay Cutler. He had a defense that ranked next to last. His front 7 was a mess. So what does he do with his 1st draft pick? Draft the best defensive player at the time: Brian Orakpo draft a running back in Knowshon Moreno. It was very controversial to say the least. He also managed to trade a 1st round pick for an undersized cornerback, draft a blocking tight end a full round higher then he was expected to go, and only draft 1 front 7 player. Let's just say that this draft was very controversial and people are still unhappy about it.

Letting Mike Nolan leave

Hiring  Mike Nolan was a good move. He was a veteran in the game and was well respected. The results showed as Mike managed to coach the Broncos defense to a top 10 ranking. So when Mike and Josh decided it was best to split, people were astonished. Why on earth would Josh let him leave. The man just totally remade your defense and you are going to let him leave? WHY? It's an intriguing question. I wish we knew more, but if Denver's defense struggles then once again, expect the critics to come out and show no remorse.

2010 Draft

On the surface, this draft appears to be a solid one. The only reason this draft is controversial is because of one man. One extraordinarily, talented man who ignited more draft discussion then anyone in the history of the draft. Yes, we all know who I am talking about. I am talking about no other then

Tim Tebow

Has there been a more controversial player then Tim Tebow? I highly doubt it. The weird thing is he is a really good guy. He doesn't talk trash and he doesn't do anything to warrant such controversy. However, his play is nothing but controversial. He comes from Urban Meyer's offense that isn't an NFL offense. Tebow is a winner. He did whatever was necessary to win. He could be the best college player in the history of the NCAA. That is saying something. Let's look at the aspects of his game that make him so controversial.

Throwing Motion

This is the obvious one. I don't think any other player's throwing motion has been under a microscope more then Tebow's. Every aspect of his throwing motion has been scrutinized. His ball placement, wind up, and release have been highly talked about. His old throwing motion was bad and it needed to be fixed. With the help of some quarterback coaches and 800 repetitions a day, Tebow was able to change his throwing motion. Jon Gruden said that his throwing form is much improved. Time will tell if his new throwing motion holds up.

Shotgun Offense

Florida runs a shotgun offense. What that means is that the quarterback primarily works out of the shotgun. So it was natural for people to wonder if Tebow was able to do his 3,5, and 7 step drops. It was a good question. Tebow showed that his drops were fine. He said that in practice he would work on his drops even if he didn't use them in the game. Jon Gruden was impressed by his drops. If Jon Gruden is impressed, then I have no reason to worry.

Placement of the Ball

Tebow held the ball around his chest area. It created a wind up motion that he had to fix. Let me show you the difference it made when he held the ball higher




Man that second picture is a beauty.


Tim Tebow may have one of the most high character people to ever pick up a football. He is a great leader, a hard worker, and everything you want in a man who leads your team. That is why he is so controversial. Grading him purely on his talent he is probably a 3rd round pick. However, his character is so high that we had to get him in the 1st round. He is such a hard worker that teams believe he is worth a 1st round pick. So technically, his character and work ethic are so good that they are 1st round worthy. Very controversial if you think about it.


Another question about Tebow is he is his ability to read NFL defenses. This is an area that is very crucial to quarterbacks. Peyton Manning is perhaps the best quarterback to ever read defenses. He calls plays based on what he sees from the defenses. If Tebow can have half of Peyton Manning's skill then he will be in great shape.

All of things have made Tebow one of the most controversial and debated quarterbacks ever.


So what does this all mean? Both of them are controversial. Both of them make headlines. Since these two are so controversial, there are a lot more views on them then just optimistic and pessimistic. So I made 2 additional groups: Semi-pessimistic and semi-optimistic. Oh snap. Check it out.

Optimist vs Pessimist: Josh McDaniels

Optimist: He is building a team. He is not getting a bunch of superstars together to try and win a championship. He is building a team that care and respect one another. He is putting together the pieces. We are going to be playoff contenders until all the pieces are in place. Then we will be championship contenders. He is going to lead us to a McDaniels/Tebow championship era that will resemble Shannahan/Elway. He will be fist pumping in Denver for a long, long time.

Pessimist: He is destroying our team. He is getting rid of all the talented players for guys with character. That is cool, but character doesn't win championships. Talented players do. By the time he is fired, he is going to ruin our team. He is building us to be a NFL bottom dweller for years. I just hope that Bowlen fires him sooner rather then later.

Semi-Optimist: I like what he is doing. He is building a team full of high character, hard working guys. Something that we have been lacking for some time. Some of his moves are controversial, but they will work out eventually. He is energetic and exciting. It is something that Shannahan wasn't. I think he is doing a good job. He is building a very solid team that will win us some AFC West Championships and possibly a Super Bowl.

Semi-Pessimist: I don't like this guy. He lost me when he handled the Cutler trade terribly wrong. He handled the Brandon Marshall situation totally wrong. He traded a 1st rounder for Alphonso Smith who sucks and will never be a factor in this league. He is getting rid of all our talent for old players who don't have much left in the tank. He drafted Tebow when we already have 3 young players. He could have just focused on Quinn and making him our starter. Why would he draft Tebow? I just don't see what he is trying to accomplish. He is making all the wrong moves, but maybe they will somehow not totally ruin us.

Optimist vs. Pessimist Tim Tebow

Optimist: This guy is going to lead our team until he retires. He is everything you want in a quarterback. He is tough, strong, a hard worker, and an incredible leader. He has intangibles that are off the chart. He is a must have player and I am thrilled that McDaniels got him. There are questions about him, but he works way too hard for him to fail. He will succeed or die trying. He is exactly the kind of quarterback that we needed. Super Bowl here we come.

Pessimist: Good job McD, you just drafted the best h-back prospect to come out in years. Seriously, Tebow is not a quarterback. He is going to end up being an H-back. His throwing motion is terrible, he can't read an NFL defense and he has little experience under center. So once again McD, why would you draft a player like that? You just drafted the next big NFL Bust.

Semi-Optimist: I don't necessarily love the pick, but the guy has all the intangibles. He is hard working and a leader. He is the perfect interviewer. I can understand why McDaniels made the pick. Obviously he didn't feel comfortable with Orton, Quinn, and Brandstater as the 3 quarterbacks on the roster. So now we have our quarterback for the future. Let's hope that McD can work some more "Matt Cassel" magic.

Semi-Pessimist: I like the guys character, but once again character doesn't win championships. Talent does and Tebow hasn't shown that any of his college talent is NFL relevant. He doesn't work under center. His form is bad and he can't read an NFL defense. Maybe McD can work his qb magic with Tebow, but I highly doubt it. Tebow needs too much work and McD doesn't have enough time.


There you have it MHR. The two most controversial men to call themselves a Bronco. Both of their futures will be determined in the coming years. The question I have for you is: What are you?

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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