A Bag Full of 1st Round Picks

A Bag Full of 1st Round Picks
The 2010 Denver Roster
(projected 53 man roster)

    With the Denver Broncos entering the 2010 season, one can at least appreciate  all the 1st round picks that McDaniels and company have not-so-quietly acquired over the past couple of years, as they have cleaned house with fresh personnel and talent.  Practically dismantling the “Dream Draft” of 2006, despite what experts have highly criticized, life at Dome Valley has moved on.  Post Culter-Marshall-Scheffler era, it is anyone’s guess how long Denver and its fans will allow McDaniels to rebuild the Broncos.  Regardless, he has been one of the most active coaches in the NFL, actively trading during the off-season and the draft.  Wheeling and dealing, and using some of the picks acquired from the trades of Culter and Marshall, the Broncos have essentially ended up with SIX 1st round picks the past two off seasons.  Adding former #1 pick Brady Quinn on the cheap, with four 1st rounds picks in the 2009 and 2010 drafts, as well as, trading a 1st rounder in 2010 for Alphonso Smith to move up in the 2nd round of the 2009 draft, the Broncos have a bag full of 1st round picks.  In doing so, McDaniels has quickly addressed the loss of key offensive production by using three of his four 1st round picks on offensive skill positions.  But like any draft, it can often be filled with a lot of disappointments and success stories from rounds of the latter.  So sure, 1st round picks are no guarantee they will perform as 1st round talent, but one thing is certain: Sure looks pretty on paper, as Denver has grossly beefed up their 1st round selections of late:


QB:       Tim Tebow                        1st Round (#25)    2010
QB:       Brady Quinn                      1st Round (#22)    2007 (drafted by Browns)    
RB:       Knowshon Moreno          1st Round (#12)    2009
WR:      Demaryius Thomas        1st Round (#22)    2010
TE:       Daniel Graham                1st Round (#21)    2002 (drafted by Pats)
OT:       Ryan Clady                       1st Round (#12)    2008
OLB:    Robert Ayers                    1st Round (#18)    2009
OLB:    Jarvis Moss                     1st Round (#17)    2007
ILB:      D.J Williams                   1st Round (#17)    2004
CB:      Champ Bailey                 1st Round (#7)        1999 (drafted by Skins)

    But, with more depth in recent college drafts, there still remains a lot of talent in later rounds.  But, these “later” rounds are nothing like the days of old, as the draft has evolved since the 17 rounds that consisted during the early days of the NFL.  Even up until the early 1990's, the NFL draft featured 12 rounds of picks.  But with more and more media coverage, extensive scouting, free agency, un-drafted options or practice squad additions, there are many other roads that lead to the NFL.  However, that is not to say that today’s modern draft is not a grand affair, as it demands more coverage than ever, despite being narrowed down to 7 rounds of the creme le’ creme.  
    And with that in mind, in addition to all the 1st rounders that Denver’s roster now possesses are a lot of early round talent that have recently suited up in blue in orange.  With the  insertion of young stars and proven vets, the potential is loaded with a dynasty in the making. The 2010 Denver roster is loaded with a bunch of 2nd round talent:

G/T:          Zane Beadles          2nd Round (#45)    2010
G/T:          Maurice Williams    2nd Round (#43)    2001 (drafted by the Jaguars)
CB:          Alphonso Smith       2nd  Round (#37)    2009 (traded #1 pick in 2010)
FS:          Darcel McBath          2nd Round (#48)    2009
TE:          Richard Quinn          2nd Round (#64)    2009
WR:        Eddie Royal              2nd Round (#42)    2008
WR:        Jabar Gaffney          2nd Round (#33)    2002 (drafted by Texans)
RB:        J.J Arrington             2nd Round (#44)    2005 (drafted by Cardinals)
S:           Brian Dawkins         2nd Round (#61)    1996 (drafted by Philly)
DT:        Jamal Williams       2nd Round (SD)    1998 (drafted by the Chargers)

Denver’s 3rd round talent also got deeper this year and will see active duty often.

C:           J.D. Walton              3rd Round (#80)    2010
WR:        Eric Decker             3rd Round (#87)    2010
OT:         Ryan Harris            3rd Round (#70)    2007
ILB:        Akin Ayodele           3rd Round (#89)    2002 (drafted by Jaguars)
CB:        Andre Goodman    3rd Round (#68)    2002 (drafted by Detriot)

Despite today’s greatest media and scrutiny of talent in the NFL, it’s coaches and/or media experts still know that 4th round talent can produce at a high level, but are always baffle when talent slips in the draft only to produce like a 1st round pick.  Denver’s 4th round talent is rich with productive personnel that produce some great results lead by Doom.

QB:           Kyle Orton                4th Round (#104)    2005 (drafted by the Bears)
RB:          Correll Buckhalter    4th Round (#121)    2001 (drafted by Philly)
WR:         Brandon Stokley      4th Round (#105)    1999 (drafted by Ravens)
WR:         Brandon Lloyd         4th Round (#124)    2003 (drafted by 49ers)
OG:          Seth Olsen              4th Round (#132)    2009
OLB:        Elvis Dumervil        4th Round (#126)    2006
DE:         Jarvis Green            4th Round (#126)    2002 (drafted by Patriots)
DE:         Ryan McBean         4th Round (#132)    2007 (drafted by Pittsburg)
DE:         Marcus Thomas    4th Round (#121)    2007
S:           David Bruton           4th Round (#114)    2009        

    Whether young talent or journey-man, 5th round talent also sees productivity and value, especially for vets of the game that have a proven track record.

DE:         Justin Bannan        5th Round (#139)    2002 (drafted by Bills)
CB:         Perrish Cox             5th Round (#137)    2010
DT:         Ronald Fields         5th Round (#137)    2005 (drafted by 49ers)
WR:        Kenny McKinley      5th Round (#141)    2009
G:           Chris Kuper             5th Round (#161)    2006
G/C:        Russ Hochstein    5th Round (#151)    2001 (drafted by Bucs)

    Not a lot of 6th round talent remain on the Broncos during their spring cleaning.

ILB:         Spencer Larsen    6th Round (#183)    2008
G/C:        Eric Olsen        6th Round (#183)    2010    

    Prospect players that make the cut or veterans that have built up a reputable NFL resume seem to be the products of 7th round talent in today’s pro game.  Two defensive starters consist of vets that have earned their keep.

ILB:           Mario Haggan    7th Round (#228)    2003 (drafted by Bills)
S:              Renaldo Hill        7th Round (#202)    2001 (drafted by Cardinals)
CB:           Nate Jones        7th Round (#205)    2004 (drafted by Cowboys)
OLB:        Jamie Kirlew        7th Round (#232)    2010 (*traded for 2011 5th round)

    The college free agent is a long-shot, but the road to the NFL today is always graced with some great stories.

TE:          Marques Branson    CFA            2009
DE:         Darrell Reid            CFA            2005 (began w/ Colts)
ILB:        Wesley Woodard    CFA            2008
K:           Matt Prater               CFA            2006 (began w/ Detriot via Miami)
LS:        Lonie Paxton           CFA            2000 (began w/ Patriots)
P:          A. J Trapasso         CFA            2009 (began w/ Titans)

    It’s a new decade for the Denver Broncos, clearly, as a lot of early round talent now embrace this athletic club. The 2010 Denver Broncos Projected 53 man roster is a young dynasty in the making, rich in skilled positions with lots of depth.

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