The D 2 da B RePoRt!

Hello Bronco Country. DenBronx here once again to bring you pointless meanderings and thoughts based on observations made with too much caffeine, too little sleep, and WAY too many hours in the office. 

"The question is not how far. The question is, do ya posses the constitution, and the depth of faith, to go as far as needed?" - Noah Mcmanus

Now if you will join me.......


JUMP!!!!  (Welcome back again lemmings)

Alright, so....first off....I want to pay hommage to the greatest film ever my humble opinion. And to the best qoute EVER!!!!!

aaaaaaaaaaannnnddd  back on track.

Point 1. Why do the Broncos seem to have a love affair with drama? I love my team like I love my woman....ok so I'm single right now, point still stands...I want my team to do great things, I want it to maximize its potential, I want it to give every second of every day all that it possibly can. I mean come on the laundry won't do itself....(ducks a frying pan)

So why does everyone have so many problems with this draft? Why does everyone have to be a hater or a kool-aider. Why is the sky blue? Why is Tim Tebow the most phenominal story to come out of the draft in forevermany years? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why are so many people hating on HCMcD with ONE...count it again folks ONE!!! year under his belt at HC.....ONE year under a rebuilding team, ONE year with a defense that was put together mostly with Duct tape, ONE year with an offensive line built for a blocking style WAY DIFFERENT than what he used, ONE year folks.  I can count that high (barely). Can you?

I love my team just like all of you. I don't think there is a  single person (sans trolls) who comes here and doesn't love the team. (lets be serious here I of course only mean Bronco Fans because that would be rediculous for someone to come here and love the Denver Broncos and be a Raiders, Chargers, Cheifs, or just about any other

I'm tired of people jumping to conclusions. WHO KNOWS WHETHER ORTON OR TEBOW OR QUINN OR BRANDY will play? guess what? for all any single one of us knows, its just as likely a stegasaurus will come in to play QB and we will trade them all away......for what we know now. (maybe a T-Rex would be better....but those short arms....ugh....)

I love a good debate, but lets really focus on the important things here guys.....our opponents are getting better.  Someone Tied Crazy Al up and put him in a closet. The Faiders are making (wretch/cough/gag) GOOD decisions for the first time in....decades? HOLY BEJESUS!!!!! I think Hell is literally freezing over as we speak....quick lets find him and free him so we can save the underworld, and get him to lead his team back into cool disaray.

Also......I think I had a lot more points but I've totally gone off of my original thoughts and I'm not sure where I am anymore. Anyone got a phone? a map? a flashlight? 

Ok well I'm going to amend my original idea since I've forgotten what it was

What I hope for......


1. I hope Orton gets a fair shake. as a player I like him. Character-wise, great guy. he likes jack and blondes....who doesn't? (oh right....Tebow....) I think Orton has a field day this year. He boosts his stats, creates a bigger name for himself than he did last year, and gets traded whether he gets us to the playoffs or not.

2. I hope Tebow gets a fair amount of time to develop. He's a quick learner. I'll give him that. But don't go throwing him into the fold right away, give the guy time. I never knew who he was before the combine. I never knew a thing about him until draft day, and I'd never seen a single play by him until we drafted him. But now...I think he IS the future, I think he has EVERYTHING we look for in a future QB, and I KNOW he has the constitution and the depth of faith. Super T to the rescue in 2011, with brief sightings of birds, planes, and frogs in 2010......(10 points if you get the reference)

3. Brady Quall.......nuff said

4. Brandy......I don't know anything about him other than he shut out the Cards in pre-week 4 last year. Lets see this guy around sometime, eh? I mean I don't kno wjack about him or what he can do.


And lets all just be civil to each other....seriously.

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