Trade Orton? Here's Why I Believe It's Ridiculous

Kyle Orton has always been overlooked.


For whatever reason, a signal-caller who was given all the props in the world at Purdue and was a legitimate Heisman candidate, was overshadowed as soon as he entered the NFL.


Perhaps it was because he was drafted by the Bears in 2005, a team notoriously known for shoddy quarterback play whose fans glorify their linebackers more than their signal-callers, and had zero talent around him at receiver, that this ignominy struck him.


Nevertheless, a 2009 season where he tossed 21 touchdowns against just 12 interceptions and almost amassed 4,000 passing yards, showed that he could excel when playing in an offense that's quarterback-friendly.


My post is not anti-Chicago Bear in any way, but let me say this much: the system that they've brought Mike Martz in to rejuvenate, is still anything but quarterback-friendly. Once Jay Cutler was stripped of the likes of Brandon Marshall and even Mike Shanahan, he retained his interception total, but saw his touchdown numbers plummet precipitiously.


While the Broncos, who drafted marvelously in April, will contend for a division title, Chicago is in serious danger of being eclipsed by Detroit in the NFC North. That is not a shot at the Lions, who have done quite well for themselves these past couple of months, but rather an assessment of how far Chicago will probably fall.


The Bears now realize that Orton wasn't the problem, as he excelled in greener pastures. Perhaps now, more than ever, blame must rest on the heads of Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith for not giving Orton enough weapons to excel while in the Windy City.


As for Orton's future here, I see it as the en vogue thing to trade him and see what can be gleaned in return. Even Pro Football Talk's Gregg Rosenthal deems this to be foolish, as evidenced in his column this morning and was partially the impetus for my post today.


Orton will give you all he has to give every week and while Tebow should be the impetus of a bright future in Denver, let's not be presumptuous and shut ourselves out of a magnificent present.


Yes, this team is good enough to go on a playoff run with Orton at the helm and yes, Tebow will be great one day, but that day is not today. If Tebow is as studious and willing to improve as everyone believes he is, he will benefit greatly from watching a proficient, albeit "unsexy" Orton at the reins.


As always, feel free to share your opinions on my post and I express apologies to Broncos draft pick J.D. Walton for screwing his name up in a previous post, as well as to the great Emmett Smith for integrating religious paraphernalia in this aforementioned post. 


Thanks again for having me, MHR Brethren (and Broncos Priestess!)

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