The Hype Machine: Cutler vs Tebow

Now we all know the hype surrounding Tebow, and maybe a few remember some surrounding Cutler as well. After awhile, things started to sound familiar and I wondered why, then I realized we had done this before. So while this is the second article I've done about the hype surrounding Tebow, this might have a bit fewer facts and more quotations from you, the members of MHR. This is just a collection of quotes from different members of MHR on Tebow and Cutler, compare and contrast at your leisure.





John Bena:


There is no doubting the physical tools Cutler possesses.  Like Elway, Cutler possess a rocket arm, which people need to look no further than the 70-yard, in the air, TD pass to Javon Walker to experience firsthand what this kid can do. Shanny is now able to dust off sections of his playbook that were unusable under the Brian Griese/Jake Plummer years.  I piscture in my mind an old Wizard who goes to his bookshelf to get an old book of spells, drops it on the table, blows a thick layer of dust off and prepares to recast spell unseen for years.

While his physical tools are enough to excite me, it's the non-physical aspect of Cutler that really has me pumped.  The Broncos have had physically gifted quarterbacks under center since the retirement of John Elway.  Brian Griese and Jake Plummer both had the physical ability to be solid NFL quarterbacks.  What they lacked, and John Elway had in gallons, is that fire to be great, that desire to be the best, to do whatever it takes to win.  You got the feeling that Griese and Plummer were football players but didn't enjoy playing football.  Jay Cutler loves football.  He wants to be great, wants to win, and is willing to do whatever it takes.

Breaking Down the Roster

The future in Denver is now, with Jay Cutler quickly becoming the stud Quarterback we all envisioned when he was drafted in the 2006 draft.  Now, we aren't alone in our bright outlook on Denver's young signal-caller.  ESPN followed up their ranking of the Top-64 quarterbacks in the NFL with a stock report of all the young QB's.  After finishing #11 overall, the anonymous team scouts, general managers and pro personnel people that ESPN surveyed all agreed -- Jay Cutler has more potential than anyone.

Perhaps most impressive is where Cutler ranks in yards per attempt this year --

  1.  Tom Brady -   8.60
  2.  Tony Romo -   8.58
  3.  Brett Favre - 7.96
  4.  Jay Cutler - 7.92
  5.  Peyton Manning - 7.90

Now, I'm not saying he's in that ballpark yet, but he's definitely in the same League.  Just another example of why it is a great time to look ahead to the future with #6, instead of the past with #7.

NFL Know-It-Alls Agree -- Cutler is the Future


A good Offense will help the Defense and the Special Teams to play better (It's all down to TOP and Field Position!). And this will automatically lead to an Offense being able to compete with the Chargers! And to beat them in their house with 9+ points ;)

In my opinion we've got a chance to get back to the top in our division!

Cutler Gets the Nod


it's seems like Cutler has been more comfortable in the system than Plummer.

Could it be possible that the offense has been tailored more around Cutler's strengths, which is throwing from the pocket?  We may never know, but when you make an investment in a young player like Cutler, you probably would want to take every action to insure success, which may mean having the incumbent revert to an offense he's less suited for.

Week 2 Guru Review

Brady:  63.9  18  12  86.5
Brees:  60.8  17  16  76.9
Favre:  64.1  18  13  85.3
Hasselback:  54.8  7  8  70.9
Manning:  56.7  26  28  71.2
McNabb:  58.0  21  13  77.8
Palmer:  60.9  18  18  77.8

Cutler:  64.5  4  6  79.5

Those top seven are generally considered to be the best QB's in the game today.  Those numbers are the completion percentage, touchdowns, interceptions, and QB rating for their first full season as a starter (fewest starts being 12).

In Cutler's first full season, his QB rating would rest third on this list, and his C% is the best.  That he's thrown more INT's than TD's isn't so concerning when you look at the numbers of the rest of the guys.  In actuallity, Cutler is RIGHT IN LINE with the standard rate of development in quarterbacks, and these are just the great ones listed!

Attacking Cutler shows a lack of insight.

For All of You Cutler Critics


For all their differences, most of the NFL's promising young quarterbacks share a striking similarity in the eyes of scouts and coaches: They can't touch Denver's Jay Cutler for sheer potential.

Asked to evaluate 11 young starters, experts singled out Cutler as the quarterback most likely to reach the elite status currently shared by Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

"The kid in Denver, to me he is the future of this league," an AFC pro scout said.

"I would jump on that boat," an NFC personnel director said. "He isn't quite there, but you see those flashes of a guy who, once he has the whole playbook in his mind and he's made all the mistakes he needs to make in learning it, man, he's going to be a special player."

That left 11 young quarterbacks standing: Roethlisberger, Romo, Palmer, Schaub, Garrard, Cleveland's Derek Anderson, San Diego's Philip Rivers, Tennessee's Vince Young, Washington's Jason Campbell, the New York Giants' Eli Manning and, of course, Cutler.

"I love him," the AFC scout said. "He's athletic, poised, smart, accurate -- and there was just something about that kid coming out, the way he was wired."

"He has an unbelievable career ahead of him," the NFC personnel director said. "He is Romo [in terms of confidence] with the physical tools to match. He's fun to watch because he's kind of like the kid who plays quarterback down at the playground. 'Let's just go play.'"

"He has a cannon of an arm, obviously, and when he's in the pocket, he has the arm strength to make all the throws," an NFC pro scout said. "Throw in the fact that he can move around and buy additional time, and he's got a pretty impressive arsenal in terms of ability and arm strength and feet."

Cutler Ranks Among Highest

Trinidad Jack

You don't need a very well trained eye to see this kid has "Future Super Star" written all over him. That is not a guess; that's a fact. He's got the physical tools. He's got the mental tools. He's got the heart.

And as far as I can tell, there is only one thing that can stop Cutler from reaching his full potential. That would be piling some many impossible expectations on him that you break him. Honestly, I don't see that happening. I think Cutler is that good. But I remember another dark time (or two) in one Hall of Fame quarterback's career when we came close to doing that to him.

For All of You Cutler Critics





Tebow is a winner. He did whatever was necessary to win. He could be the best college player in the history of the NCAA. That is saying something.

Tebow Time = Championship Time. Ready for the future. Let’s go baby!

Optimist vs Pessimist: Josh McDaniels and Tim Tebow


I too look forward to the possibility of another QB with the "IT" factor and it’s great to hear Elway giving his endorsment. I do feel for Orton who has without doubt been a great team leader but I feel that Tebow will eventually be the Franchise QB who will leads us to the big party and another Lombardi Trophy.

McDaniels, Tebow and the "It" Factor

It’s the bottom line baby…bottom line is that Tebow is best for Denver Franchise. Since Elway, TD, and Sharpe retired from the Broncos the Franchise value has dropped out of the top 15 a once top 5 Franchise. Tebow will increase the value and has already just with his jersey #15 much more to come with Tebow as the face of the Franchise.

We will soon find out. One thing for sure if the Broncos feel Tebow is the answer he will get his opportunity sooner rather than later. My money is on Tebow starting by mid-season. Thats what’s best for the Franchise.

For the first time since Elway & Shanahan brought us winning culture we now have Tebow & McDaniels who could very well replicate the same results.

Amazing how Elway & Mike only had 1 losing season over the course of 14 years when Shanahan was HC. I think having that comaradrie goes a long way and I can see Tebow & McD having the same chemistry / relationship. With chemistry you don’t always have to have the best talent to win.

Broncos Country Must Speak


Tebow is a way better ATHLETE and FOOTBALL player than Sanchez or Bradford...McD sees a minor fix in Tebow that makes him a FAR superior player to those guys

McDaniels, Tebow and the "It" Factor

I actually think he is a one of kid player...Montana was, so was Elway, so is cant compare any QB's to these guys....Tebow is in the same boat!

Here’s the thing….no one compares to Tebow….he is a one of a kind. I think we need to throw out ALL the history of what happened with other QB’s…it bears ABSOLUTELY no relevance to Tebow.
The kid REFUSES to lose and is SINGULARLY driven to be the best ever…..I am probably one on here that values INTANGIBLES and a players will above anything else…plus this guy is a great player and athlete…..

An argument for starting Tebow


Sure, he has the intangibles. He has the "it" factor. He has the Heisman. He has the championships. He has the records. He has the wins. He has the size. He can score with his arms. He can score with his legs. He comes with his own fan base. He has the intelligence to show everyone that he is willing to change at the next level. In fact, he practically willed himself into the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He apparently has the support of John Elway. He seems to have the favor of God in Jesus Christ (which is very important, BTW).

Tim Tebow: Promise Fulfilled


I, to have watched Tim throughout his amazing college carrer. I, too feel Tim has the physical and, dare I say, spiritual tools necessary to be a very special player in this league.

Here’s to Tim Tebow…the next Elway?

Tim Tebow: Promise Fulfilled


Tebow’s college experience/resume is probably unrivaled in the history of college football. Has there ever been a college QB with a greater combination of the following:

1. Senior QB
2. Heisman
3. World Traveler
4. Maturity
5. Passion
6. Leadership
7. On Paper Performance
8. Already Handled Celebrity Status Successfully
9. Media Friendly
10. Football IQ

An argument for starting Tebow

Dale Swahn

The whole article

An argument for starting Tebow

West Coast

Tebow will be starting by the end of the year. Mark my words!!!

Trade Orton?


Wow those seem a lot a like, I wonder why, oh I know, we fans can't just be patient to see how a player will work out before labeling him. Cutler was our last savior, but look at him now, any good joke here at MHR usually ends making fun of him. Both have the "It" factor attributed to them, either from McD or the NFL in general. Both are extremely gifted, and both are extremely hyped. Now I have no idea how Tebow will do in the NFL, I like him, what he brings to the team, and hope he succeeds, but I just think we might be getting out of hand.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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