The State of the League

A report on where the other 31 teams in the National Football League sit at this point during the offseaseon.  Let the debate began. 

Arizona: Stock Down-Losses of two of their best offensive players (Warner and Boldin) and one of their best defensive players (Dansby) Arizona will be hard pressed to regain their 2008 Super Bowl Form.    

Atlanta:Stock Up-Healthy Michael Turner is the key to this team.  Also think they made worthy additions to shore up the defense especially in secondary.  2nd best team in the NFC South. 

Baltimore: Stock Up-Baltimore is a team on the rise and they got better where they needed to get better.  Boldin is a huge upgrade at WR.  Baltimore will be very formidable. I expect them to win AFC North

Buffalo: Stagnant-Neither up nor down for this troubled franchise.  I love CJ Spiller but the Bills needed to re-inforce the lines on both sides and I'm not sure this happened. 

Carolina: Stock Down-Even though it was time to replace Jake Delhomme.  The QB position is a great unknown in Carolina.  Having a strong running game will help the next QB though

Chicago: Stock Up-Cutler and Martz is an interesting combo.  A devil may care QB with an offensive coordinator with the same care free spirit.  I think Chicago will be better because their defense will be better, but I also anticipate the over/under on Cutler INT to be 18. 

Cleveland: Stock Up-Mangini showed improvement at the end of last year.  Defense is coming together a little bit.  I always liked Rob Ryan as a d-coordinator.  Delhomme despite all the int's is an upgrade at QB, which is bad for the Broncos and Brady Quinn

Cincinatti: Stock Down- I liked some of the upgrades at tight end, WR and defense but overall this team rests on Carson Palmer, and I although I like him, I just don't think he has it anymore.  He seems to have even less mobility than earlier in his career and passes don't seem to have the same zip.  I think about Palmer's injury troubles and just think what might have been. 

Dallas: Stock Up-Dallas needed a left tackle badly and got an upgrade with Alex Barron. I like some of the things they did in the draft and if Dez Bryant can stay healthy they have a playmaker opposite MIles Austin.  I'm looking for a big year from Felix Jones

Detroit: Stock Up-I thought they had one of the best draft up and down the board.  This team will win more than two games this year.  Still not a contender though. 

Green Bay: Stock Down-This is going to be contreversial to some but I don't think that Bulaga is the immnediate fix at their most glaring need which is LT.  I think sometimes Iowa lineman are overrated because their technique in college is flawless but they don't have the physical skills to compete at the NFL.  Even though their stock is down a bit, I do think they have one of the best QB's in the league as soon as he learns to get rid of the ball quicker.  Secondary is aging. 

Houston: Stock Up-All the love the entire year last year for Brian Cushing and it turns out this guy is a fraud. I am disappointed.   First, the NFL has to re-examine their suspension rules if a guy is caught in September and his appeal isn't heard until February.  This positive test isn't just bad for Cushing it really looks bad for USC and Pete Carroll.  Unless you believe that Cushing was an isolated incident and the first time he used banned substances was when he got to Houston. Despite all this crap I think Houston can win the AFC South. 

Indianapolis-Stock down-I think Indy got exposed in the Super Bowl.  A below average team with an incredible QB who brings them to the big game but ultimately they don't have the pieces yet to close the deal.  Reminds me of the 80's broncos. 

Jacksonville: Stock Down-Horrible draft, no big splash in free agency.  I think Del Rio is a goner at the end of the year.  This was a mediocre team already that really did nothing to get better. 

Kansas City: Stock Up-I still don't get Dexter McCluster when you have Jamaal Charles but the Chiefs did okay.  I like Eric Berry pickup but don't know if impact will be felt right off the bat. 

Miami: Stock up-Nice addition at WR even if he is a head case. Henne will be better.  LB corps will be better.  Secondary could use some upgrades. 

Minnesota: Stagnant-Even if Brett Favre doesn't come back this will be a good team. I actually believe in Tavaris Jackson which means I'm not like most people.  Biggest offseason loss though will be the suspension of four games of their tackles if it happens. 

New England: Stock down-Lots of issues.  Tom Brady doesn't seem as committed and is spending more time with his family, but yet calls out his teammates for not listening to Belichick.  He's never seemed to do this before.  Wes Welker is coming off major injury, Randy Moss is another year older, and they didn't do much to upgrade their secondary or pass rush.  It's been a while since I seen so many ??? regarding this team. 

New Orleans: Stock down-Yep the Super Bowl champs are on top, but their stock is down just becuase everyone will be aiming for them now and they also have this weird painkiller controversy looming.  Still a Super Bowl favorite however. 

New York/Jersey Giants: Stock Down-Lost Antonio Pierce, the heart and soul of the defense.  Think what Al Wilson loss meant to us. 

New York/Jersey Jets: Stock up- But slightly.  Nice additions in secondary will make the d a terror.  Still not sold on Mark Sanchez and I think they will miss Faneca. 

Oakland: Stock up-way way up.  They got rid of the figurative and literal elephant in the room.  Jason Campbell gets a fresh start surrounded by some nice talent.  Did Al Davis pass away???

Philadelphia: Stock down-Way way down.  Look, I think Kevin Kolb will be alright but he still is a first year starter so until he proves equal to D-McNabb the stock is down

Pittsburgh: Stock down-There's a Ben Roethlisberger joke here but it's not appropriate.  Lose Holmes, Roethlisberger, Steelers are a mess.  Lot rests on health of Polamalu. And if their QB can manage to not assault anymore women.   

San Diego: Stock down-Mainly because I don't like them.  Also they lost two major stalwarts for years, Jamal Williams and LDT.  We have Williams now, plus for us if he can return to form.  Minus for them. 

San Francisco: Stock up-Love that they reinforced the line and secured Patrick Willis.  They are starting to take the identity of Mike Singletary which is a good thing. 

Seattle: Stock up-Although the Cushing news makes me doubt Pete Carroll even more.  Still they had a good draft and some nice offseason additions.  Still, as with last couple of years, Health of Hassellback will be difference between 5-11 and 11-5.  Weak division though. 

St. Louis: Stock up-But where else did they have to go.  Not sure Spagnoulo really has a clear plan.  And to think I was interested in this guy coaching the Broncs.  No Thanks. 

Tampa Bay: Stock-up- I really like the additions on defense. I think McCoy will ultimately be a great 3 technique tackle, and they also got good value with Brian Price.  I was impressed with Josh Freeman at end of last year and he will get better

Tennessee: Stock down- Chris Johnson is unhappy. Also, history shows that a RB does not do as well following a hugh season.  CJ might be unique but that could be an issue. Vince Young needs better WR, which they did draft some nice players here.  Ultimately though, they have a defense which is rebuilding. 

Washington: Stock up-D-Mcnabb and Shanny, two great HOF additions.  Also like T. Williams at LT pick.  Washington will contend for playoffs. 

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