I wanted to take some time to squash a couple of myths going around MHR with my opinion, and hopefully some other members will take time to comment or make their own post in regards to some of these issues


MYTH #1 - Tim Tebow cost us 3 draft picks and we reached/over paid for him.

The first part of this myth is that it cost us 3 draft picks.  While I agree that 3 picks were part of it, it is a way of loading a statement to increase a persons negativity towards McDaniels.

"Can you believe that guy gave up a second, third and fourth for Tebow"

This type of argument is not really correct.  Tebow is the second round pick, and it cost a third and fourth to acquire him at the stage in the draft that we did.  Draft picks are players, and as an asset they will always inevitably become a player.  The above statement is similar to saying that Mcdaniels gave up a first rounder for Moreno.  We had a first rounder and he had to become a player.  We had a second rounder and the cost of making him Tebow was a third and fourth rounder. 

The second part of this myth is that we reached for Tim Tebow.  I do not believe this is the case, and keep in mind that at the time of the draft Denver was unaware of other teams intentions.  First there were the reports during the draft that the Bills were making a strong push to move up for Tebow.  Second , at the time of the draft  if Denver did not choose to make a move at #25, when would they have made a move?  It would have had to be somewhere near there because every pick that passes by, the odds of losing Tebow increase.  It is my full belief that Tebow was going to go in the first round and Denver had to take him around where they did to be certain that they got him. 

The third part of this myth is the cost for acquiring Tebow.  Many people have used the trade value chart as evidence that McDaniels was fleeced.  I am going off of the trade value chart found at :
A quick recap shows that we paid an extra 56 "points", which happens to be equivalent to the 23rd overall pick in the 4th round (119).   There are a couple things to consider when looking at this argument, the most important being that this trade value chart is out of date, and it is not a universal chart.  A quick example is that the New England Patriots value second round picks far more than a team like the Washington Redskins, and each team would have a difference that reflects that in their own trade value charts.  Also this chart was made back in a time when rookie contracts in the top half of the first round were not insanely out of proportion.  It is my opinion that acquiring a pick around 15-30 overall in the first round is worth more to most teams then the 5th overall pick.  You are able to acquire a player that is almost, if not better on your draft board for a fraction of the price. 

If you hate Tebow because of his throwing motion or personal beliefs, then that is your opinion.  However to claim that McDaniels is an idiot because he gave up so much for Tebow is not valid to me.  Tebow was going to go around where he went in the draft, and the compensation was fair.  Hate on Tebow and McDaniels all you want, but do it with valid evidence and reasoning, claiming that the Broncos overpaid for him as the basis of your argument for why McDaniels is an idiot does not fall into the category of common sense.

I am personally skeptical how Tebow will fare in the NFL, however if the brain trust felt that he was the guy they wanted, then they got him at the right stage in the draft and paid the correct price. 



If anything is going to bring out the worst in people, it will be this.  Please read what I have to say about this topic before torching me on it. 
Alphonso was a major major dissappointment last season, and anyone who thinks he wasn't a disappointment is not being honest with themselves and not evaluating him honestly.  Anytime a top 15 pick in a draft has a season like that, it is disappointing and a major question mark going into the next season  (I realize he was taken in the second round, but it was the #14 pick in 2010 that directly turned into Alphonso).
There are reports that he had an ankle injury and you can take that for what it is worth, to me that is just excuse making.  Injuries happen and there is a reason that Alphonso himself didn't talk about it all season, it's because he knows that injuries will never be an excuse that washes your hands clean of responsibility. 

However, what do we really know about Alphonso at the NFL level?  I have taped every game of the Broncos this season, and although I have not yet charted Alphonso Smith's play, I can conservatively say that I have seen about 50 plays of his at the NFL level.  If that is an accurate estimation, and I believe it is, then no one has really seen enough of him at the NFL level to make a definitive statement about him.  These definitive statements go both ways whether it is: "Alphonso is a major bust and McDaniels needs to be fired for it." or "Alphonso Smith is going to replace Champ in 2011 and be a great player."
There is just not enough evidence after one season to support either of those statements, and people who make strong statements of that nature without allowing the situation to play out, even to the point of having a reasonable amount of visual evidence of the guys play, rely to a certain degree on luck to be correct.  Maybe he is a bust and maybe he is not, noone knows for sure at this point and people who claim they do are just hoping that they are right, they really cant be certain if they are right, they just have to hope they are.

Is Alphonso a major disappointment and a huge question mark?  oh ya, of course he is.
Is Alphonso a Bust?  We have but a fraction of the necessary information to make a decision like that, so to me it is undecided at this point.


I have attempted to explain to people in comment sections about the weakside of the formation, the pass-rushing strength of RDE's, the difference between weakside LBs and strongside LBs, and so on.  However this was received with various things, none of which were acceptance and some of which was name-calling.

This is a major myth going around, and it is my hope that a prominent member will make a seperate post about this topic.  Hopefully their voice will be strong enough to put this insanity of moving Clady to right tackle or even trading him because we somehow no longer need a dominant LT anymore to rest.


That is all I have on this topic, thank you for reading.  I wanted to say one last thing.
For the longest time I did not believe in calling out any member, because there are so many people on MHR that contribute amazing material that is appreciated by myself well beyond what anyone could imagine.  However I wanted to say that anyone who has not yet read some of Emmett Smith's work (and I believe it is impossible to be on this site and not read something of his) should definitely check it out.  While there are countless members who give analysis that far exceeds that of Bill Williamson and other analysist's such as Todd Mcshay and what not.  I was fearful that when you left the staff that MHR was going to take a big hit in it's content, however I am glad to see you continue writing and hopefully that will not change.

If anyone else has come across what they would consider a myth, please take the time to give your opinion why it is not correct in the comment section or a seperate post

take care

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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