Who Does Tim Tebow Compare To? This Man...

So I originally wrote this article on May 11th, 2010 and I thought I would add one more piece to the puzzle and compare McNair's first three starts to Tebow's.  The rest of the article is unchanged with only the one addition.
I know, I know another Timmy article I'm sorry.  In reading so many articles about Tim Tebow and reading "well he doesn't compare to any other QB" I searched the NCAA record books and used my eye test to find a QB we could compare our new #15 to.  My choice was simple find a tough as nails leader of men, with a similar skill set, similar size/speed and comparable college numbers.  After some extensive reasearch I think I hit my mark with All-Time NCAA touchdown leader Steve McNair

NCAA Career Stats:

Steve "Air" McNair QB 6-2 230, Alcorn St. 1992-1995, Drafted #3 overall Houston Oilers:

                                  Passing  927-1,680 14,496 yards 119 tds 58 int

                                  Rushing  375 - 2,237 yds (5.4 ypg) 33 tds

                                  Total Offense  16,823 yds, 152 total tds

Tim Tebow QB 6-3 235, Florida 2007-2010, Drafted #25 overall Denver Broncos:            

                                   Passing  661-9,995 9,285 yards 88 tds 16 int

                                   Rushing  692-2,947 (4.3ypg) 57 tds

                                   Total Offense  12,232, 145 total tds


Now does this sound familiar?


McNair's college career became the stuff of legend, a true story of the all-conquering hero. As a mere freshman, McNair set nine records and was named Southwestern Athletic Conference player of the year. In his sophomore year, he led the nation in total offense, average 405.7 yards per game. McNair racked up numerous 500-plus-passing-yard games, and many times he added another 100 or so rushing.

After his junior year, McNair again faced a choice—should he shoot for an NFL contract or stay for his senior year of college? Once he found out his draft status was first- or second-round, the enticement was especially strong to try for the kind of deal that Tennessee quarterback Heath Shuler got when he left school early to sign with the Washington Redskins—$19.25 million over eight years. Steve wanted to take care of his mother and family financially and to get on with his professional career. But both Lucille and Fred urged him to finish his education—as well as strengthen his hand even further with one more outstanding college season.

McNair opted to remain in school, as he was quoted in Jet: "I am an Alcornite and will continue to be an Alcornite. I want my degree." During his senior year his game improved in several capacities. He learned how to hang in the pocket longer and find his receiver, while his rushing grew even more devastating. Among his other accomplishments that season, he finished with a phenomenal 44/17 touchdown/interception pass ratio.

How about this?  Does this sound like Mr. Tebow?


Steve McNair is the definition of playing through pain. The former Titans star quarterback has injured nearly every part of his body at one time or another. He has played through numerous injuries such as a separated right clavicle, an infected right shoulder, a dislocated ring finger on his right hand, torn cartilage in his right knee, a strained calf, a hip pointer, a ruptured disk, back spasms, strained rib cartilage, severely bruised ribs, a left knee sprain, an MCL sprain, a left ankle sprain, severe turf toe, a cracked bone spur in his left ankle, a bone spur in his toe, and a severely bruised sternum.

Is it just me or is that a loop in his delivery I see?

Ok enough is enough.  Tim Tebow has a LONG LONG way to go to even be considered in the same breath as 2003 NFL MVP Steve McNair.  But as far as a QB that I am comfortable comparing his athletic ability, college stats, college legacy, size, strength and determination to; then Steve "Air" McNair is my guy.  Now can Knowshown become Eddie George? 

Questions and Comments ladies and gentlemen? P.S. McN and TT both ran a 4.6 at the combine and this was my first post so any tips are much appreciated.

First Three Games


12/17/95 v. NYJ Result W 23-6 : 13-27 48.1% cpt, 198 yds 1 TD 0 INT, 85.1 QB Rate.  3 Rush 13 yds. 

12/24/95 @ BUF Result W 28-17 : 12-26 46.2% cpt, 168 yds 1 TD 0 INT, 80.3 QB Rate.  4 Rush 16 yds.

11/03/96 @ SEA Result L 16-23 : 12-18 66.7% cpt, 225 yds 1 TD 1 INT, 80.3 QB Rate.  5 Rush 22 yds.

Total 2-1: 37-71 52.1% cpt, 591 yds 3 TD 1 INT, 12 Rush 41 yds 0 TDs.



12/19/10 @ OAK Result L 23-39 : 8-16 50% cpt, 138 yds 1 TD 0 INT, 105.5 QB Rate.  8 Rush 78 yds 1 TD. 

12/26/10 HOU Result W 24-23 : 16-29 55.2% cpt, 308 yds 1 TD 1 INT, 89.4 QB Rate.  10 Rush 27 yds 1 TD.

01/02/11 @ SD Result L 28-33 : 16-36 44.4% cpt, 205 yds 2 TD 2 INT, 58.2 QB Rate.  13 Rush 94 yds 1 TD.

Total 1-2: 40-81 49.3% cpt, 651 yds 4 TD 3 INT, 31 Rush 199 yds 3 TDs.

Review: Tebow still has no chance of becoming a legitimate starter in the NFL or so I've been told by Colin Cowherd...

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