The CTA Bus Driver and ramblings

My wife and I had recently went to a Chicago Cubs game.  Living in Chicago, you have your choice, the Sox or the Cubs.  My wife is a die hard Cubbies fan, and I have to admit they have grown on me as well, however being from southern Illinois, the St. Louis Cardinals have always been my favorite baseball team. 

Living in Chicagoland, I've noticed that it is a rarity to find a fan of another team who exists outside of Chicago.  As we waited on the shuttle to go to Wrigley Field, the CTA bus driver sparked up a conversation with me out of the blue.  Surprisingly, it was on the draft, and how he felt various teams in the NFL will do out of the starting gates throughout the league.  While this man seemed pretty knowledgeable about many teams throughout the league, his arrogance showed itself when he mentioned whom he rooted for.  The Chargers.

We talked about what seemed like seconds (more like 20 minutes or so) how we felt all the teams did on the draft.  We agreed that the Raiders improved by leaps and bounds with this last draft, as did the Lions.  We even saw improvement from the Chiefs with their selections.  Well, perhaps not improvement, but understood that they made great selections and the opportunity to improve their teams was at its most potential with their selections that they did make.  We even touched on the Broncos.  While the CTA driver liked our selections for our team, he thought the Tebow pick was retarded, and thought Jamal had nothing left int he tank.  He also stated that he thought San Diego did wonders!  Obviously, I disagreed.

Now, hindsight is 20/20, I have learned that though the hardest point in my life several years ago.  However, when you hate an opposing team so much as I do the Chargers, and him the Broncos, the hatred can alter your vision of certain things.  Personally, and I'm sure you are all with me on this site, I don't think the Chargers did anything but hinder themselves this off season.  They gave away their shut down corner, and let go their main anchor on defense in Williams.  Furthermore, their "future" back in Sproles is no longer with them, and their stud back LT is in New York.  The acquisitions that they made, weren't in any capacity, a major upgrade.  I think they just had an average draft.  Furthermore, I saw Merriman becoming less of a threat as he has been in years past.  I foresee a continuing decline.

The Broncos on the other hand made strides as well on the offensive side of the ball during the draft, with perhaps some hidden gems on the defensive side.  They have brought in solid players on the defensive side of the ball, I expect the Broncos to have a great year.  I'm not going to beat a dead horse on the improvement that we have seen with our team, as we all know who we have brought in. 

I'm not going to touch on the Tebow factor either, however, I believe he will be our starter by mid season.  I would say he would start from game 1 with everything he is bringing to the table, however I think with Clady out, that alters things a bit.  I think they want to give him the best line in front of him to begin with to make a smooth transition.  I think when Clady comes back however, Tebow will start.  It all starts up front, and why take a chance at your future taking unnecessary hits, when you have a successful QB starting now, that you could possibly raise stock in the first few games when seeking a potential trade candidate? 

I'm rambling now, back to my original point.

Hindsight is 20/20.  I once watched a movie called "Gladiator", as I'm sure everyone is familiar with.  In the beginning of the movie, he tells his sergeant that the enemy doesn't know that their end is about to come, however, neither would he if it was upon him.  I think the Chargers end is coming, I think our new beginning is approaching, starting with this season.  These analysts whom have already deemed the Chargers the winner of the AFC West have no clue.  We fell apart last season due to some key injuries and a lack of depth.  This year, we have depth.  This year, will be different.

So to this CTA bus driver whom I talked breifly with, and all of the Chargers fans out there today, I commend you for your loyalty, but in the end, your team could not seize the day when your time was here, and I believe that time has come to a close.  Go cry on Rivers' shoulder, because he's all the team has left.  And even he is someone I cannot respect!

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