What's the worst or best that can happen offense?

I know things can always be worse and the inverse is also true things could always be better. With that in mind, I'm going to present a view as to what is the worse and best that can happen at each position group for the Broncos this year. Then I'll give my opinion as to what I think is going to happen.


WORST: I see the worse thing that can happen is that for some reason Orton tanks or gets injured. Quinn comes in and continues his Browns imitation and Tebow proves he is not ready for the pro game yet.

BEST: Tebow comes on and has a solid TC and unseats Orton as the starter. Orton is able and ready to come in as a backup and Quinn sits and learns the system and regains his confidence.

PREDICTION: Orton will be the starter and will end up with a 95 quarter back rating, good enough to get him into the pro-bowl. Quinn will be a valuable back up able to fill in and keep the team competitive while Orton sits his 1 or 2 games that he is usually injured. Tebow is groomed and learns the offense while he comes in and runs the Wild Horses from time to time as well as come in when the offense is within the 5 yard line.


WORST: Both Harris and Clady has complications with their rehab projects and has to sit the year out. Walton proves him self not ready for the pro-game so the starting line up is. LT Williams LG Olsen (I don't care. Pick one.) C Fry RG Kuper RT Beadles.

BEST: Both Harris and Clady are fully recovered at the beginning of the season and Beadles and Walton prove to be beasts. Starting line up. LT Clady LG Beadles C Walton RG Williams RT Harris

PREDICTION: Harris is ready at the beginning of the season. Clady is on the PUP list which doesn't make him eligible until week 7. Walton struggle to adapt and Fry beats him out at the beginning of the season but when week 7 comes along Clady will replace Fry on the roster and Walton will be ready to start. Opening day starting line LT Williams LG S. Olsen C Fry RG Kuper RT Harris. Week 7 OL see BEST.


WORST: Buckhalter gets injured. Arrington struggles to regain his form. No one comes through to establish themselves as the #4 back.

BEST: Buckhater and Arrington is in top shape and form. Someone comes through to establish themselves as the 4 back.



WORST: Thomas and Decker are average rookies. Royal doesn't respond to the attention he received in the off season. Gaffney can't beat a double team.

BEST: Thomas shows that he learned how to run routes the two years that he was in Chan Gailey's offense. Decker shows that he IS the second coming of Eddie Mac. Royal makes people forget about Marshall.

PREDICTION: Royal does respond to his opportunity and is the #1 receiver. Thomas will struggles but have flashes of greatness. Decker will be the one looked for on 3rd down.


WORST: Graham shows diminishing skills. Quinn just doesn't get it. Branson shows why he wasn't drafted.

BEST: Graham has his best year as a pro. Quinn proves the doubters wrong. That he is more than a blocking TE. Branson equals the production of Scheffler.

PREDICTION: Graham will be his usual solid self. Quinn will excel at blocking and will catch 10 passes. Branson will not be as good as Scheffler but will have some production.

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