Keeping Score For Tim Tebow

I am in a pissed-off mood, I admit.  I'm sick of the anti-Tim Tebow sentiment out there.  I know the criticism has just begun and it will only get worse but please!  Why does a guy who has done everything right become a villain?  The answer: We live in a backwards world.  I'm cool with that.  I'm used to that.  

People have a right to their opinion and you certainly have a right to say whether or not you think a player will make it in the NFL.  Some people have expressed their opinion using outright vitriol and others have expressed their opinion being articulate and reasonable.  I'm cool with being reasonable but I don't want anything to do with your vitriol.  

This post is not a "gotcha" post.  This is a post that merely seeks to create a permanent record of people who doubted Tim Tebow.  You can use this to one day possibly smear their collective faces in manure or you can, like me, use it to evaluate the evaluators.  This post randomly picked ten quotes from "analysts," "columnists," or former players that don't think Tim Tebow can play in the NFL.  

For the record, I am a Tim Tebow fan and think he will do well.  The talk of comparing him to Elway, Young, or Montana is stupid.  He hasn't taken a snap yet.  That talk needs to stop.   

Can you please include similar quotes doubting Tim Tebow in the comment section so we can have this permanent record?  I don't think Tebow would use this permanent record for revenge, but he might just use it for motivation.  


1. "Tim Tebow can't play quarterback in the NFL, I'm convinced of it."  Todd McShay, ESPN's director of college scouting.

2.   "I look at him and say I don’t think he can be any kind of a good quarterback in the NFL.  Maybe it works as a backup."  John Clayton ESPN Analyst

3. I don't think Tebow can play in the NFL, though. He doesn't have the mechanics to play quarterback at this level, and he doesn't project to another position."  Brian Baldinger, NFL Network Analyst

4. Joe Theismann suggested Tim Tebow "retire" to keep his "rock star status preserved." 

5.  "I wouldn't draft Tebow." Jamie Dukes, NFL Network Analyst.

6.  "I don't think Tim Tebow will be an NFL quarterback."  Mel Kiper, ESPN "Draft Guru"

7. "Tebow's best fit at the next level will be at fullback or H-Back because his best skills are his running abilities; there's too much development involved to draft Tebow as a franchise quarterback"  Matt Mcguire "Scout"

8. "HE CANT THROW. and thats really something you either have or not, never seen a qb who couldnt ever throw, just all of a sudden be able to throw just because hes now in the NFL."  Uche Nwaneri, Jaguars offensive lineman

9.  "The notion that Tebow is a first-round pick is laughable.  I love the pundits' waxing about how Tebow is going to play right away."  Christopher Harris columnist

10. "But I don't see an NFL quarterback. Never have, never will, and it has nothing to do with Urban Meyer and everything to do with the fabulous athlete with the average arm named Vince Young Tim Tebow." Gregg Doyel CBSSPORTS.COM columnist

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