Josh McDaniels and the Big Leather Chair

I am a Josh McDaniels fan, I have been since the beginning.  Why? Because he was the Broncos coach and whoever is coaching the Broncos I am pretty much going to be a fan of unless he turns out like Ben Roethlisberger

As a fan I have noticed a change in Josh McDaniels and this is a good change.  This is a change I think will have a profound effect on the season and his future.  The change is this: Josh McDaniels has settled into Denver like a football fan in a big leather chair.  He has become comfortable. More after the jump

 How Josh McDaniels has become more comfortable:

1. Josh has started getting more involved in the community, showing that he is starting to feel more at home here. 

Recently he was the keynote speaker for John Lynch's philanthropy celebration.  He even said that when people ask him where he's from his reply is "Denver" when it used to be Ohio.  Why is this important, it is easy to forget that last year the coach had more on his plate than just football.  He had to relocate to a new area with his wife and kids.  There is an adjustment period, Josh McDaniels is settling in.  He is now a citizen of Broncos Country. 

2. Josh McDaniels is becoming more open in the media. 

People are beginning to realize that Josh McDaniels is not at all like Bill Belichick.  Which I felt was always the case.  But he seems to be even more forthcoming in the media than before..  He has been very honest about Tim Tebow, the draft in general, which players are on the rise, his thoughts on Clady's injury etc.  Even Woody Paige has become to realize that just because he wears a hoody McD is not a BB clone. Josh McDaniels seems to be more at peace when being asked to justify his decisions.  This to me means he has more self-confidence in the decisions he has made.   

3. The Draft was better.

Given a full year to prepare Josh McDaniels had a better draft this year IMO (And I liked some of the pieces we added last year) First, he skillfully manipulated the process to get the players he coveted.  Let's throw Tebow out of the equation because he is a lightning rod and opinions are a plenty.  If you look at the draft even minus Tebow I still think it was a great draft, even so the "experts" like most of our other picks even if they didn't like Tebow.

Thomas and Decker were solid choices at WR.  I loved the Walton pick and Perrish Cox could be the steal of the draft.  McDaniels manipulation and selection is a good sign that he felt a lot more comfortable with the scouting and draft this year. 

4.  With many distractions gone, McDaniels can now study other teams 

It seems like since last year McDaniels was building from square one and couldn't even begin to look at what other teams were doing to be successful.  Now he has talked about incorporating concepts from Carolina, San Diego and others.  This is a good sign, that McDaniels now has the time to really steal concepts and incorporate them in what he wants to do.  His system is in place, now he can begin to build upon that. 

5. Josh understands what it means to be the Broncos coach. 

I think it is now safe to say that Josh understands the criticism he will be under as Broncos coach no matter what.  But I also thinks he understands that if he does this right, he will be loved in Denver like a God.  I think he appreciates what love this city and fans across the nation have for this team. 

In conclusion.  Josh McDaniels has come into his own as a Broncos coach and from my observation of him this past few months he seems to be very comortable and confident in his own skin.  He is more outgoing and responsive to Denver, more involved, and more settled, which allows him to focus on what is most important. 

Winning a MF game. 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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