There is Cause To Rejoice

Sorry that I've not written anything for a while, but for those of you who happen to be religionists as well as fans in the MHR universe, I try to be like the Biblical Apostle, Paul on SB Nation. Paul always tried to be all things to all people during his ministry and I try to comment on NBA and NHL blogs during those respective sports' postseasons and my efforts have been rewarding.


Nevertheless, the NFL and the Broncos are my true passion, so I return to my roots.

I know that the draft has been dissected numerous times over and the more I think about it, the better it looks. First of all, our receiving corps have been dramatically enhanced.


Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker are both studs, and perhaps this is my man Eddie Royal's time to return to the spotlight now that Brandon Marshall has become a Miami Dolphin. When you add in Brandon Stokley, Jabar Gaffney and Kenny McKinley, the Broncos have an illustrious mixture of speed and size at wideout.


Of course, who will be the fortuitous signal-caller to throw to these winners? Personally, I am a big fan of Kyle Orton and that will never change. The man never complains, he just seeks to improve himself. If you have a Kyle Orton-type figure at your workplace, good for you.


Now, if we're going to talk quarterback, it's obvious that Tim Tebow cannot be overlooked. I will admit, that as a staunch advocate for a playoff in Division I-A college football, I didn't look over Tebow's college attainments as glowingly as others because Florida never earned their way into a title game.


However, the more I observe Tebow's work ethic, as well as his magnificent attitude, it's apparent that he will work his posterior off to be the best he can be. Thus, that sounds like a guy I want on my team. For now, I will support Orton, but as soon as McDaniels decides the time is appropriate for Tebow to be under center, I'll support him as well.


For now, however, Kyle Orton is the man and we can (and will) win with him.


The offensive line was greatly enhanced in the draft, and I like Zane Beadles, primarily because as a Utahn, I saw him play a lot in college. This guy is nasty, that's all that needs to be said. Eric Olsen from Notre Dame and J.D. Walton of Baylor are also great players as well. Get well soon Ryan Clady, so you can join the fun on the O-line!


As for Perrish Cox, Dawk will be his mentor and this kid will turn around markedly. Dawkins truly is a great leader and I'm so lucky to have him on the NFL team I've loved more than any other all my life.


Jammie Kirlew could be great and I know Syd'Quan Thompson has a great motor, so overall, I'm impressed.


It's intriguing to see how  things will unfold, but for now let's enjoy the spring and summer while we await a magnificent season for our beloved Broncos!

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