Potent Quotables -- Josh McDaniels, Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow

***Transcript Provided By The Fine Folks With The Denver Broncos P.R. Staff***


Opening comment
"It’s really the same as the OTAs, you know. We haven’t really changed anything. Our schedule is really the same that it’s been in the last two weeks. Not going to go two-a-days or anything like that. I feel like at this point, we’ve got a lot accomplished, a lot of things done and just want to try to finish up with three good days."
On the quarterback competition

"I think it’s an open competition everywhere on our team. We tell them all that they’re going to earn their own role by what they do on the field and certainly, that applies to each spot. The quarterbacks are competing hard and I’ve mentioned it that a number of times – Kyle’s certainly got a great grasp on what we’re doing and he’s performing very well right now in the spring and the two younger guys are trying to push, but we’ll see. We’ve got a lot of practices left."

On the quarterbacks playing with different groups
"We really don’t divide them up by first-team, second-team. It’s more by play. We kind of log the plays that they’ve run before or if we’d like to see them make an adjustment on a play that they did run earlier – last week, whatever it may be – and see if they can make the improvement. Each one of them has been in there with the first group. The centers are swapping in and out, different sets of linemen, different sets of receivers, so we’re really not moving them in and out with teams as much as we’re looking at it and saying, ‘We’d like to have him get this play and so on and so forth.’"
On Broncos LB Elvis Dumervil’s contract negotiations
"Continuing to hopefully make progress, (Broncos General Manager) Brian (Xanders) and (Dumervil’s agent) Gary (Wichard) have really been doing most of that and just want to continue to push to try to get everything done that we want to get done, which is to have him here for a long time. There’s no negative to him at all. We’re going to try to do the best we can to make sure he’s here as long as we can keep him."
On the Broncos’ written correspondence with Dumervil
"There’s the normal policy and procedure with the CBA. We’re certainly not unique in that at all. There are so many teams that have done that. We’d like to have all our players under contract in training camp. There’s certainly no message sent with that at all. Hopefully, like I said, we’re working with Gary to get something done. It has nothing to do with (sending a message). We’d like to have everybody under contract at training camp. It’s simple."
On whether the team could lower their offer to Dumervil as time goes on
"I’m not going to get into this. We have plenty of time here in the next couple days. I’m sure everything is going to play out fine."
On how the progression of the quarterbacks group since the first OTA
"Kyle has certainly had 100-some practices and multiple games in this offense and certainly that shows in his play, and the other two, like I said, are learning every day and trying to get better and fix things that aren’t right. Very similar to what Kyle went through last year, (former Broncos QB) Chris (Simms) was doing the same thing last year at this time, same thing with (former Broncos QB) Tom (Brandstater). It’s just a normal progression. Everything isn’t going to come easily and we’re going to make a lot of mistakes at this time of year. There are plenty of things every day that still, the first time that they’re actually running those things in a setting where a lot of things happen on a play. The only thing that really you can measure right now is that Kyle certainly has a better grasp on everything than the other two do."
On Broncos LB Jarvis Moss

"Jarvis has done a great job. He’s done a great job, he’s done everything we’ve asked of him. He’s done extra in the weight room and he’s really put forth great effort in the classroom, on the field, over there in the weight room – the lifting, the running sessions. He’s a selfless guy that is just trying to do everything he can to help us win. I don’t think Jarvis is going to settle for anything less than trying to create a big role on our team. That’s what we hope he does and he’s really worked well and we’re really pleased with the work that he’s put in so far. He’s earned a lot of reps for himself which is great.
On Broncos LB Jarvis Moss’ transition to outside linebacker
"Well, like I said, it’s a transition for everybody. He’s said that he’s felt more comfortable this year than he was last year and I’m sure that’s true of a lot of guys there at that position. He can do a lot of things, you know. He obviously has the ability to rush the passer off the corner. He’s communicating – I think the players and him feel more comfortable communicating the defense (to each other) and it shows. It shows with their play."
On the status of TE Marquez Branson
"He’s rehabbing. He will be on the field as soon as he can participate. "
On the status of LB Darrell Reid
"He is in there working every day. Again, that probably won’t be something to be resolved as far as us knowing the timetable. He is working every day and getting better, and as soon as he is capable he will be out there too. He may be one of the few that goes into training camp and doesn’t really participate right away based on where he is at right now."
On his assessment of QB Tim Tebow’s throwing motion
"He has certainly made some progress with what we are asking of him, and we are not asking him to change and be like everybody else. There’s a few things we work on with all the quarterbacks to try and get them to do a few things better and he is really working hard at trying to make that a part of his game. He’s made progress in a lot of areas, but again there’s a lot of things going on out there right now and he needs to learn from his mistakes and improve. There are a lot of areas that that needs to happen in. We will see how everything works out, but we are happy to have him on our football team and he is going to compete to try and contribute in some way. We will see how it all shakes out."
On the progress of WR Demariyus Thomas
"It was a typical rookie day. He made some big plays - made some really nice catches. Then, you know, had a couple of drops. He kind of slapped his helmet after the play is over like ‘I can’t believe I just did that.’ We are lucky to have him out there working with the group. He is out there with a bunch of guys, so he hears the communication from different quarterbacks and different receivers. I think he has certainly shown the ability to make a difference. We will see if we can get him to do the right thing at the right time and hope for the best. He has made progress every day, and I think he is now getting the rust off of him. He has actually run against competition and caught the football after running the right route – reading coverage and all that stuff. He’s going to be what we thought he was."
On whether OL Zane Beadles is seeing more time at the guard position
"We’ve kind of distributed his reps in a couple of different areas. We feel like he has definitely had more work at tackle and we want everyone to compete and earn their own role. He has shown the ability to be able to handle the process and has been able to process the information well. At some point, we will make a determination at where we think he has to stay at some point, so we can focus on him improving and competing for a position."
On how much he expects DL Jamal Williams to contribute

"I think he can be a real big contributor for us. I think he is in good condition. Coming off of an injury like he did with his triceps, he is still moving around well. He is a vocal presence that plays with a lot of confidence. You can tell he’s got a lot of confidence in the meeting room. He communicates with his teammates. They kind of trust him, and he is starting to rub off on some of those younger players who are behind him. We are going to let him contribute every way he possibly can because we know he can still play at a very high level, and he thinks that too."
On today’s practice
"It went well. I think these last two weeks, really, we’ve just kept on making improvement as an offense and really the communication and the execution is the best that it’s ever been. Hopefully, we can keep on doing that and have two more solid days and hopefully be where we want to be, going into August."
On the quarterback competition
"I’m just focused on myself and just keeping on playing the way I am. I’m really happy with the way I’m playing and just really have more confidence right now than I’ve ever had."
On where his confidence comes from
"The way the entire offense has been playing gives me a lot of confidence. I’m giving the receivers a lot of chances to make plays and they’ve been doing it on a consistent basis. When the results are there, you just get a lot of confidence out of that."
On improvement from last year
"It’s just night and day. There’s really just no comparison between myself and anyone else who’s been in this offense for two years."
On Broncos WR Brandon Lloyd
"I was with Brandon in Chicago for a year. Before he got injured that year, he was one of the best receivers and I really have a lot of confidence in Brandon. He’s an explosive receiver, he’s a guy that can make plays when he’s covered and he’s just an explosive guy. I think he’s really coming into his own on this team. The guys have confidence in him, I have confidence in him and he’s really had a heck of a spring."
On whether he has more of a comfort level with the wide receivers this year

"I think I have a (high) comfort level with all these guys. All these guys really run great routes – (WR) Jabar (Gaffney) runs great routes, is always where you want him to be. (WR) Eddie (Royal) is the same way, B-Lloyd (Brandon Lloyd)  is the same way and our running backs are doing a great job, our tight ends, everybody really. I just hope we continue this enthusiasm and all of this effort that we’re putting into it and carry it into August."
On Denver’s first game being in Jacksonville, Fla.
"I thought it was definitely a little bit ironic and interesting, but I guess you have to approach it like any other game now."
On what to expect in his first game
"I don’t really know what to expect. I have a long way before then, so I have a long time before I have to start worrying about that game."
On whether he sees any improvement at this time

"I think I am consistently improving. I have a long way to go. I have a lot of mistakes and a lot of things I have to correct."
On whether there is one part of his game he is working on more than others right now
"I guess just the reads and protections and everything. I need to work on it all, though."
On how quick the defensive backs are in the NFL

"Well, they are definitely small. I played against a lot of quick guys in college, you know. Here, they are just top of the line. More than that though they are all smart and intelligent and know when to break. They can read your routes and that makes them faster."
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