Since writing the initial article on April 17th I’ve waited till after Passing Camp and Mandatory Mini Camp to start for my follow-up analysis to determine if the fan prospective has changed about how Tebow will fit in. I created some stir for commenting on how Tebow reminds me of Elway. I won’t make any comparison other than to say I think the Broncos have found their next Franchise QB since Elway retired. Now after 12 years the heir apparent has arrived in Tim Tebow so says Elway "he gives us a chance"

Once Tom Brandstater was cut Tim Tebow’s future was no longer a guessing game for the media and so called experts with local & national sports beat writers to stir up a QB controversy. McDaniels made sure of that by cutting Brandstater. McD’s new offensive plan is now in high gear to be implemented during "Passing Camp" not even the media had privey at all closed OTA’s. But as soon as Mini & Training Camp commences all will soon see the new Broncos, can’t wait for July Mini-camp & August preseason games.

After reading and evaluating opinions since Tim Tebow was drafted by Broncos I’m one excited fan. The real possibilities of Broncos returning to the elite and competitive level of teams who make it into the playoffs is on the horizon, me thinks. The hype was expected, but not the circus that followed. Tebow being drafted in the first round by the Broncos sent shock waves through the NFL except for me and hand full of others. I couldn’t believe all the negative reports from the zealous fans, coaches, and sports beat writers, amazing to me. Some of the comments were short of hatred in my opinion – why? Definitely reminded me of the post John Elway era, the trade back in 1983 and all the negative comments that followed John Elway his rookie year especially from the East coast. I will always remember when he lined up under Guard and not the Center. lol

To make sure the two main ingredients for the future offense [my personal opinion only] McDaniel’s had to some-how find extras reps for Tebow & Quinn during OTA’s before mandatory mini-camp. It’s a given Orton will be the starter more than likely a good thing. Something I’ve never imagined or heard of before "Opportunity Practice" for the rookies & new players on the team. What this meant was to make sure that certain new key players [Tebow & Quinn] Harris, Larsen, Thomas, Zane, and JD Walton to name a few of the 60 identified players who would get the extra work during Passing camp while the veterans were given time off to work on conditioning in the weight room facility before mandatory mini-camp starts on June 11th.

Another new innovation at Dove Valley by Coach McDaniels, it’s exciting to watch the greatness of a new modern day coach like McDaniels implementing his own coaching style and techniques for the future. Overtime I’ve enjoyed many TC’s since 1960 many very close to home in Mapleton, Greeley, and Dove Valley. 2010 is the beginning of truly new Era in Broncos Football. Mark my words it’s going to be new and exciting for all Broncos fans to watch and be true Blue & Orange fans again to the fullest.

Mr. Bowlen weeks before the draft made mention of finding his franchise QB. Many in the media speculated it was Brady Quinn, was it really? The possibility of drafting Tim Tebow to run McD’s new offense I think was the real vision Mr. Bowlen was thinking of from the get go. We haven’t seen nearly enough of the innovating new offense that McDaniels wants in Denver and something new in the NFL. McDaniels is on record saying his offense will bring something new to NFL. I sense that Tim Tebow is the player to run this offense. It’s a dream come true for McDaniels. Once McD met Tebow at the NFL Combine which gave birth to the possibility of implementing his plan sooner rather than later the synergy began.

Actualizing his objective & goals by McDaniels and Xanders started the moment McDaniels & Tebow met at the NFL Combine. Broncos accomplished it by using imagination and smoke screens, none of the other teams had a clue McDaniels would draft Tebow since Brady Quinn was acquired two weeks prior to the draft, but was actually Simms’ replacement who was waived and Quinn became new back up to Orton. Speculation from the evaluators & so called experts, and the Denver beat writers had us taking Dez Bryant or Pouncey from Florida with our #1 pick LOL.

The NFL Draft is always about teams concealing and mis-directing other teams on draft day and who you might draft. Some teams go as far as not interviewing the player they covet the most. But, on draft day you hear about teams who drafted someone they never interviewed, you hear how the player[s] were completely surprised who drafted them [Cutler] for one because they never spoke to them something Shanahan did often. McDaniel’s, does the exact opposite, its what I love about his approach. McD brings everyone in to evaluate and determine if they meet the criteria to be a Bronco’s player [I love this it keeps the fan’s involved and guessing]. I love the plan because as a fan we learn so much more about the players Broncos are interested in. After bring in the allotted number of players 30? No one really knew who Broncos really coveted [it was always such a secret with Shanahan]. This year’s draft was one of the more exciting ones that I can recall as a Broncos fan. We witnessed two of the best if not greatest smoke screens in recent Bronco’s Draft history.

The first smoke screen was trading down twice and the 2nd was trading up to pick Demaryius Thomas WR over Dez Bryant, a huge surprise and smoke screen because with pick #22 everyone thought would be used on Dez. That meant it had to be Tebow Not. Because I was in China I didn’t get to watch the draft on T.V. I did manage to follow the draft via Internet and when they announced Denver selects at 22nd was Demaryius Thomas" I was shocked and couldn’t believe we passed on Tebow. I wasn’t disappointed in Thomas, but I had my mind set was on drafting Tebow. Anyway as the draft continued and the 2nd smoke screen was being developed by trading back up into the 1st round. I couldn’t believe what I was reading on the monitor that the Ravens traded their #25 pick to Denver I was like amazed how McDaniels traded back up into the 1st round and then selected Tim Tebow. I was like going crazy at the Internet Cafe in Shanghai China and the people were all thinking I was a crazy man shouting in English "YES, YES, YES! And jumping up & down screaming "Go Broncos" they didn’t understand my English LOL.

I am no longer on the bandwagon to trade Orton I actually think he offers greater value mentoring Quinn & Tebow this coming season. Both Tebow & Quinn will learn from Kyle Orton how to prepare for games and practice the proper way. They will learn how McD’s system works on certain plays designed for either Quinn or Tebow while Brady Quinn will be the backup to Orton. Kind of interesting possibility that Tebow will have Red Zone plays designed for him even if Orton or Quinn is starting. [ Just my personal opinion ]

Sometimes fate has a lot to do with ones career, I think back to when Elway had to start for the injured Steve Deberg it gave him a chance to experience how much faster the games are when starting. Elway spent time on the bench until he finally was promoted to starter. The amazing thing about Elway in only his 2nd year he won 13 games as the starter. It’s a different era and I think the speed of the game and talent level at the NFL is more challenging and requires more patience and time to learn these days because of all the high tech equipment used. I’m still hopeful Tebow somehow breaks into the starting line up during his rookie season. What will happen during TC in late July? How will the depth chart look after Passing camp & OTA’s? Will Harris and Clady be ready? Will Decker & Thomas be ready for TC? How much will Tebow play during preseason games?

With Kyle Orton I am still not convinced he can run the entire offensive scheme McDaniels is implementing. Until I see firsthand how TC goes I will be convinced Orton is the odd man out after the season ends. Bottom line Tim Tebow will learn from Orton and Quinn his first year and given the reins next season for sure. But, I believe Tim will have some plays designed for him in the Red Zone during his rookie year.

Finally, I love the way McD & Xan fortified the offensive line in the draft with Zane Beadles, J.D. Walton, and Eric Olsen they will add much needed depth and possible starters by mid-season. They represent the new power running game we will see this coming season. I like the fact that both Thomas and Decker could potentially become starters by mid-season. Even more amazing to me is how we ended up with two #1’s and 9-draft picks after starting the draft with six picks. McD & X are doing their job to the highest degree.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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