Broncos Country Caravan 2010 Tour



The Broncos Country Caravan 2010 tour passed through Colorado Springs today and I had the privilege to attend. The Caravan gives the chance for fans outside the Denver Metro area to meet a few cheerleaders, check out the Super Bowl Trophies up close, and see some Broncos from the past. I thought I would share a few pictures with my MHR brethren, so Enjoy!

On Friday afternoon the party started at 5:00 pm. Did I say party? It was more like a small soiree. Anyway, I showed up a little early so I could find a parking spot without having to walk a half mile. There was a football field strewn with makeshift shade for the cheerleaders and Bronco Alumni.


 The first thing I went for was the Grail. The Holiest of NFL Holies. The Lombardi Trophies! Well here they are, nice and up close. That's me standing in the presence of the finest hardware any Bronco fan can imagine.



Now just in case you can't tell, the one on the left is John's. The one on the right, well hey, that belongs to Mr. Bowlen (or is it the city of Denver). Aren't they lovely? They look a little lonesome though. I do believe they could use some company.



Next up it was time to obtain some autographs. The gentleman in Bronco Orange is former Tight End Ron Egloff (1977-83). Hidden behind him is former Wide Receiver Larry Brunson (74-80). Tackle Dave Studdard (1979-88) is the one in white. Billy Thompson was there also, but he showed up a bit later. He was signing autographs in another part of town, so I cut him some slack.



They even had a flag for fans to sign. It will fly over Invesco Field for the entire season. So at least my name will attend all the Home games this year.



As you can see, they had something for the kids.



They even had something for the big kids. Okay okay. Your patience is about to be rewarded. Scroll down please.




These ladies were hard at work signing autographs, of which I didn't get the opportunity to get. As you can imagine this line was the longest.



The person on the left kept blocking the view, so I simply had to take more shots. Aren't you lucky.



This is the lovely Anjuli Rodriguez.



Anjuli was joined by the equally lovely Janelle Mangrum. As you would expect, they were classy ladies.



And there it is boys, The Money Shot. I finally got a few people to make way so I could get this pic. The girls obliged me by smiling. Notice the perfect teeth. (Yeah right Kirk).


Well there you have it. Like I said earlier, this little shindig was supposed to start at 5:00 pm and last until 7:00pm. Unfortunately it started to rain around 5:30 and then lightning and hail. We all had to return to our cars to wait it out. It cleared up about 45 minutes later, but then they ended up packing it in. What was really nice was, Ring of Famer Billy Thompson showed up by then and the players continued to sign autographs through the foul weather. They found a dry spot up by the field house and didn't stop handing out signatures until everyone was gone.

Thunder the Horse was there, but they tucked him (her?) back into the trailer. He was a little skittish with the hail going on. I didn't see Miles make an appearance even though he was supposed to be there.

And I almost forgot, they had a traveling Broncos Store, so I made some purchases. If there is anyone who still wishes a pair of Mustard and Brown vertical striped socks, I can help you out. Send me an e-mail.

All in all. it was good to get a little Bronco fix. Especially in early June. I hope you liked it.

Go Broncos!

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