Would You Like to Play a Game? (With Answers and a Little More Trivia)

WarGames via IMDB.com

"Would you like to play a game?"  W.O.P.R. (War Operations Plan Response) -- a computer speaking to teenager David Lightman, WarGames, 1983

    If you're like me, the period of time between the final gun of the Super Bowl and the first whistle of the first game of the new NFL season is arguably the longest period of time in human existence.  Now, I am well aware that in between those two events we have Free Agency, The Draft, OTAs, Training Camp and the Preseason.  But let's be honest, those moments are bare, dull replacements for the drama and excitement of the NFL season. 

    Oh, we try to fill up the time with discussions of what went wrong, what went right, who shone, who stunk in the previous season.  We read player bios and dream dreams of greatness in the season to come.  But deep inside, we long for that first kickoff so we can once again cheer and scream and carry on like the insane fans that we are.  Please don't get me wrong.  I truly enjoy all of the wonderful off season analysis provided by the members and staff here at MHR.  I have learned a great deal from the many articles on the topics that I somewhat made fun of early.  The writers well deserve to be applauded for their contributions.

    As a change of pace, I thought I would challenge those of you who might be interested to a little game after the fold.

    The challenge is very simple.  In the table below, I have listed the names of eleven current NFL head coaches, along with their teams.  I have also listed, in random order, the college or university attended by each head coach.  Finally, I have listed -- again in no particular order -- the major of each of the head coaches at their particular school.  You job, should you choose to accept it, is to match the coach, the school and the major.
Ken Whisenhunt - Arizona
San Diego State University
John Fox - Carolina
Georgetown University
Civil Engineering
Josh McDaniels - Denver
University of Northern Florida
Political Science
Jim Schwartz - Detroit
Eastern Kentucky University
Physical Education
Jack Del Rio - Jacksonville
University of the Pacific
Physical Education
Todd Haley - Kansas City
Georgia Tech
Business Administration
Bill Belichick - New England
University of Kansas
Rex Ryan - New York Jets
William and Mary
Mike Tomlin - Pittsburgh
John Carroll University
Pete Carroll - Seattle
Hofstra University
Physical Education
Raheem Morris - Tampa Bay
Wesleyan University

Here's a Bonus Question: Which current NFL head coach, while in still in high school, passed an exam to become a Catholic priest?

Have fun.  Hope you choose to play.

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