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Being a fairly new member to Mile High Report, I am still struggling to make a niche for myself, learn about the posting system and continue to be educated on football and the Broncos. As I have spent time on other SBN blogs, I have learned a lot from a number of experienced posters from other great teams sites, but overall I have come to appreciate MHR the most, for the high traffic and great staffer and member insight.

So today I just wanted to share a few posts that I have found very helpful in understanding the Broncos, football, and Mile High Report that may have slipped under your radar or may have been from a while ago. Many of these are from MHR University, Tech Tips and Broncos History Lessons which the archives can be found at the links provided or at the pull down menu on the MHR home page. I highly recommend you go and explore that menu bar, there is a vast amount of information there, plus great reviews of past seasons games. So shall we?

MHR Tech Tips:

Tech Tips was a short, three part series done by Coach Nichols back in 2008 for those who would be new to MHR. His posts still apply to those new members today:

"Tags" and "Recommended" Defined: Coach's first post in the series does a great job outlining two very important aspects to those writing and reading posts. "Tagging" is how people find you work when they are searching around the internet using key words, so like he mentions in the article, if you want to get your work noticed outside of MHR, this is the way to do it. Rec's are the way we make it known that we support, like or think the post should be recognized. Now each SBN blog works differently, at MHR anyone can recommend and after a post gets 10 rec's, it gets promoted to the "Recommended Fanposts" section at the top of the sidebar. Now be careful doing this on other teams sites, rec's are pretty liberally given here, which is fine, but on some sites like Field Gulls, only the best article deserve them and they are rarely given. For other sites it only takes five rec's to get promoted, on others, a staffer has to move your post personally, so it really depends. Comments themselves can be recommended as well, and after a set amount, it turn green.

Pictures!: In the second installment of Tech Tips, Coach teaches us some of the finer points of posting pictures, and includes the HTML way to do it as well, something useful for those who struggle with that.

Making your Fanpost Rock!: In the third and last part of Tech Tips, we are taught a bit about stepping up our posts with some key tools that we might not use. In this post he talks about:

  1. The flag tool
  2. The bold feature
  3. The italic feature
  4. The link feature
  5. The blockquote feature

This is a pretty helpful article for those who struggle with editing your posts and trying to improve the quality of the post.

MHR University:

Steve Nichols continues teaching us about the game of football in MHR University where he breaks down the game of football for us and talks about key terms and positions. Here is just a sampling of some of the articles in this section:

Building Your Rep at MHR, Building Cred at MHR/ Part 1, and Builing Cred at MHR/ Part 2: These three articles are a great way to help any new member make themselves known a bit more on MHR and other SBN blogs. These are well-written articles, but it should be noted some members and staffers have changed their names, or go by other names since these articles were done. The person known as "Doc" is actually Emmett Smith, not the athlete, but still a great guy, Guru is John Bena, the man who runs this place, and Tim Lynch used to, well still sometimes goes by Zappa. We have quite a few staffers, most of which have certain areas they specialize in, so take a look at the bottom of the page and click on a few of them to learn more about them.

Modern 3-4 Defensive Systems, Creating a Roster/Depth Chart and How to Watch Preseason Games: These are three great articles that apply to our current defensive system and also apply to this point in the off-season where training camp is coming up and after that the preseason. These are a great way to learn a little more about this time of year.

Smash-Mouth Systems at the NFL Level: One of my favorite article because I have a great love for this type of football, and Coach does a great job breaking it down for us. He talks a bit about the history, pros and cons, as well as doing a nice summery, just a great article.

MHR Bronco History Lessons:

This section is usually done by Tim Lynch, who does articles that talk about the history of the Broncos, including a segment on the Ring of Fame, a review of the history of the Broncos record versus other teams, as well as great stand alone articles. Here's a few:

Jay Cutler: A Brief History Lesson: A solid article reviewing the career of Jay Cutler in Denver.

Know Your Coaches: A history lesson in the coaches of the Broncos, from Frank Filchock to Josh McDaniels, and everyone in between.

Broncomania: An enjoyable look at Bronco fandom.

How to Behave at MHR:

There are two more posts that I should mention that talk about basic standards here at MHR, besides those done by Coach Nichols that are listed above. The first is by Guru John Bena, who keeps this place going, entitled PLEASE READ - This Will Be The Only Time I Say This - MHR Code of Conduct. Now since it was written before I joined, I didn't get the chance to read it for some time, so I wanted to bring it to the forefront of everyone's attention: READ THE LINK ABOVE, IT'S VERY IMPORTANT! Okay, now moving on the second article is titled Civil War: Finding a Balance and it is meant to help opposing view points come together and avoid unneeded hostility and confrontation.          

One last point in this section, it should be noted that copying and pasting whole articles, even if you cite them is generally discouraged, so please if you just want people to read the article, make a fanshot, if you want to discuss it, make a fanpost, take a few key quotes, and put your own thoughts into the post as well. It goes a long way when you put your own thoughts along side the article you are mentioning.


To wrap this up, I hope everyone was able to get a little something out of this post. There are some many older articles that are well worth reading, so I recommend you take a look at the archive and do some exploring. Here a few places that I found interesting to start:

I would also recommend joining other SB Nation blogs, there is a lot to learn out there and each site could always use more contributing members, so get out there, discuss your opinions with other teams, maybe talk a little smack, but keep it chill, we don't want other fans thinking Broncos fans are trolling SBN.


One last things, to the staffers, I'm grateful for all the work you do, but just one wish from a newer member, I'd love to see some of these sections revived, most haven't had much added to them in a while.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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