Horse Tracks - 6/28/10 - Elway's Re-Emergence With Broncos Telling


Thanks to Spock for posting his thoughts on Woody Paige's column from yesterday's Denver Post.  It was a telling article for many, and a reminder for the rest of us of just how powerful Mike Shanahan had become.  It was no secret that there was a divide between Shanahan and Elway when John retired.  Why?  Depends on who you ask.  It was my belief that Shanahan was jealous that Elway was receiving all the credit for back-to-back Super Bowl wins.  I always believed that secretly, Shanahan had hoped Elway would retire in 1999, when he did, so that Shanahan could go about establishing his OWN legacy sans #7.  It was that selfish quest that led Shanahan to rush Brian Griese into the starting lineup on a veteran-heavy roster instead of going forward with Bubby Brister.  Shanahan wanted the fan, and the players in the locker room to know that it was now Mike Shanahan's team, not John Elway's or any other player.

We all know the rest, the Broncos did get back to the Playoffs, eventually one step away from the Super Bowl in 2005, but each and every year the leaders inside the locker room dwindled, replaced by hand-picked Shanahan loyalists.  The quest to find the quarterback that could firmly cement Shanahan's brilliance went from Griese to Plummer to Cutler.  The losses started to mount.  Anytime you lose a legend, there are going to be tough times.  Unfortunately, Mike Shanahan chose to ignore the past instead of embracing it and using it to his advantage.  Can you imagine Jay Cutler being mentored by Elway?  Not anymore, but how about Tim Tebow?  Josh McDaniels will make that happen, by not being intimidated or threatened by Elway's greatness.  Good for him.

The Playmaker -
While at Oklahoma State, Perrish Cox believed he could make a big play every time an opposing quarterback looked his way. Likewise, the former Cowboy cornerback viewed each opportunity to return a kick as a chance to find the end zone.

Get To Know: Jabar Gaffney
Jabar Gaffney isn't satisfied with the 2009 season. But on a personal level, it was one of the receiver's best.

Ol' No. 7, Denver's legendary quarterback John Elway, reflects on reaching 50 - The Denver Post
Still, he does not just enter a room. He engulfs it. Everything stops. Everyone looks. There is an aura of reverence, as if royalty has arrived. He is the Duke of Denver. He is the Comeback Quarterback. He is the Man with the Midas Arm. He is the champion, the Hall of Famer. He is the town's most celebrated celebrity. He is the most iconic sports figure in Colorado history. He is good ol' No. 7.

The Ed Reed factor | National Football Post
Every position has elite talent in this league—players that have to be accounted for when opposing coaching staffs sit down to script a game plan on Tuesday night of game week.

Lions go over the top in backing president Tom Lewand | National Football Post
If the Detroit Lions can begin the 2010 season with the sense of urgency they’ve had in rallying behind team president Tom Lewand following his arrest Friday night on suspicion of drunken driving, maybe a turnaround will be afoot in Motown.

Andre Caldwell ready to compete | National Football Post
Competition has arrived for Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Andre Caldwell, and his name is Jordan Shipley.

Report: Rams should have most picks signed by Monday | National Football Post
The St. Louis Rams knocked out a big business item last week when they finally reeled in veteran safety O.J. Atogwe, ensuring that one of the more talented players on the roster did not get away.

Kenny Britt calls his offseason 'horrible' | National Football Post
Prone to dropped passes, admitted out of shape earlier this offseason and labeled with the nickname "Question Mark," it has been a rough offseason for talented Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt.

Brandon Marshall predicts career season | National Football Post
Miami Dolphins star wide receiver Brandon Marshall has forecasted an even more prolific season this fall.

Chad Jones' father says his son his upbeat | National Football Post
Football is on the mind of Chad Jones, that’s what his father Al Jones is saying anyway.

No suspension reportedly in offing for Braylon Edwards | National Football Post
No problem, no suspension for New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards.

Bills expect Demetrius Bell back by camp | National Football Post
The Buffalo Bills expect offensive tackle Demetrius Bell to reclaim his job on the left side when training camp launches.

Colts' offensive line still smarting from Polian's remarks | National Football Post
The Indianapolis Colts' offensive line is taking it personal, still stinging from team president Bill Polian's critical remarks about their play in the Super Bowl.

Patriots waive Pat Paschall | National Football Post
The New England Patriots have released undrafted rookie running back Pat Paschall, the team announced.

Rodgers headlines three quarterbacks in Round 1 of latest mock
With the start of training camps inching closer, we have a pretty clear picture of player values for 2010. That means it's the perfect time for another one-man, three-round mock draft. Each numbered position represents an individual team, so no more than one quarterback, two running backs or two wide receivers will be selected for each roster. The draft is based on rewarding one point for 25 passing yards, 10 rushing and receiving yards, four points for passing touchdowns and six points for rushing and receiving scores.

Grimm works to overcome, make his own name with Buccaneers
Simply being a seventh-round draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in last April's draft is yet another testament to his resilience. Though he has a ways to go before donning a game uniform, getting to this point is a feat in itself.

Goodell touches on Jones' accident, other key topics at symposium
During his address to open the NFL Rookie Symposium on Sunday night, Commissioner Roger Goodell used the recent "terrible, tragic" car accident involving New York Giants third-round draft pick Chad Jones as a sobering example of how fast life can a change.

Suh wants to be signed by start of training camp "
The Lions are looking for a big season. And by big season, that could mean anything more than two wins.

Researchers: Chris Henry had brain damage at the time of his death - ESPN
Chris Henry, the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver who died in a traffic accident last year, had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) -- a form of degenerative brain damage caused by multiple hits to the head -- at the time of his death, according to scientists at the Brain Injury Research Institute, a research center affiliated with West Virginia University.

Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew says organization in 'much better' shape - ESPN
The Detroit Lions were a mess when Martin Mayhew was promoted on an interim basis to replace Matt Millen three games into their winless 2008 season.

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