Black Hole time of year for Bronco news

This is my first fan post so be kind!! This time of year between OTA's and Mini Camp is the Black Hole of Bronco news and I hate it.  Thank goodness for this site now that I have found it to get a little fix here and there.

I love all the speculation that exists this time of year and like many of you wonder what the heck some people see that I don't or why Jamie Dukes hates our team with such passion.  So with that, here are some of my thoughts on the upcoming season.

1.  I will be happy with the best QB playing which ever one shows up in preseason.  However, I would also love to have the Tebow effect on short yardage and near the goal line as the season progresses.  I think it gives us an advantage most teams without a Mike Vick don't have.  I figure Orton will win the job but also have seen that the coach is not afraid to play whoever he feels is best so I don't think he would be afraid to pull the trigger on of the other guys.

2. People keep saying we are stocked at the receiver position and what are we going to do with them all.  I think we have a good core of guys but not great at this time.  Until Thomas and Decker show something, we are premature in jumping on that band wagon.  It will be interesting to see how many players are kept.  I keep looking for room for Willis and Stokely and it will be tight.  I also think that not being so reliant on a player that catches most of his passes within 5 years either way of the line of scrimmage will be a good thing for all the receivers.

3.  The injury situation on the front O-line is worrisome and I hope can be put to bed during training camp.  1 players does not cause for alarm unless you look back at what happened once Harris was out last year.  It was night and day different.  Love the new Center and we will have a new left guard (I don't think the Hochienstien guy is all that and someone (Beadles/Olsen) should beat him out)

4.  Play calling is my number one pet peeve with this new coach.  I don't think that Orton has had a chance tos how whether he can or can not throw the deep ball.  When he tried last year (see Redskins game before he got hurt) he was quite successful. Running on 3rd down rather than 1st near the goal line and the short yardage play calling really hurt Moreno's confidence last year and I put that on the play called more than him.  Also on 3rd and long (8+ yards) we threw way too many passes to the guy at 5 yards.  At least get to the sticks.  This may not be play calling as on tv you can not always see all the routes run but my goodness throw it far enough to be close.

5.  Defense will still be the wink link if we can not pick up more 3rd and short or 3rd and 5's.  They were on the field way to long last year and I think did OK considering the disadvantage they were put in by the bad play calling (see number 4)  Upgrades to our line look promising but linebackers better step up.  Ayers was better last year playing end.  He just could not finish great plays with sacks or tackles for loss. I think DJ played great and has played great not sure where the criticism of him comes from.  Speaking of LB's we need to get a few int's from them.  Other teams get them all the time.  Even Ray Lewis gets them.  Step up and make a play so Champ doesn't have to. haha

6.  Running back will be quite the surprise of camp.  With only one real fullback and a tight end as a backup they must be planning on keeping 4 running backs.  Who besides Buck/Moreno steps up and takes that spot.  Arrington has a good chance but the others are all new and will be fun to watch during the preseason.

7.  My early predictions are for a slow start in the preseason and plenty of us upset but that will be because they are trying to figure out where to put everyone and who is going to make the rest of the 53 man squad.  Anyone who thinks that our record will be better than 8-8 at this point, I would love to hear your rationale not just your passion for the Broncos cause we all have that.  I do think they can do better but not right now on paper.  There are too many if's like if the rookie receivers are good, how about the rookie o-line guys, the new d-line, injuries, ect.

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