Potent Quotables - Chris Kuper 'Ecstatic' About Contract

On his new contract

"I'm ecstatic. It just speaks volumes about those guys in the front office with Mr. (President and CEO Pat) Bowlen, (Head) Coach (Josh) McDaniels and (General Manager) Brian Xanders. They felt that they could build a team and I could be a part of it for a while."

On when he started talking to the Broncos about a long-term contract

"I kind of just let my agent deal with it. I'm sure it started before then. There were a lot of question marks this offseason with the uncapped year and what was going to happen with the restricted guys, and were guys going to get signed to long-term deals. I left a lot of it in his hands, and he did a great job."

On if he thought long-term deals were possible in the uncapped year

"I wasn't sure, and I'm very, very happy that it did happen. I think there's guys out there that were getting deals done. Not a ton, but to be one of those guys, it's an unbelievable feeling."

On if he has spoken with Broncos LB Elvis Dumervil about his contract situation

"I haven't talked to Elvis (Dumervil) too much about it. That's kind of his personal deal, too. I'll let him take care of his end of it. I just tried to do what I could to take care of mine."

On why he is excited to stay with the Broncos

"The history of the Broncos, the history of the offensive line here. I came in with some great players in Broncos history that I got to play next to -- Tom Nalen, Matt Lepsis, Ben Hamilton, some great players. The tradition. I love the city of Denver. Me and my wife grew up in Alaska, and Denver is kind of the next best thing for us as far as weather. It's nice here in the winter. The organization all together, everything's first class. Great coaching staff, I get along with everybody. It's not a lot these days that people get to say, and hopefully I'm fortunate enough to do this, and play my whole career here. It doesn't happen that often anymore."

On if he looks back at how far he has come since being a fifth-round draft pick in 2006

"I was just talking to my agent about it today. It's surreal, because that first year, coming in trying to make the roster, even trying to make the practice squad, you don't know how the coaching staff feels about you. Take every season year-to-year and kind of build yourself up, and you build confidence as you play more. I was fortunate enough to get in there my second year and start some games. Not too many people get to experience this."

On if he is familiar with a new blocking scheme

"We ran some power stuff in the past. We didn't major in it, but I feel that I can play in any system. I love the direction our team is going. I think that we're going to have a lot of success in the near future. We've got great guys in there in the locker room, the coaching staff and the front office. I can't explain any more how elated I am to be here."

On playing alongside OLs Ryan Clady and Ryan Harris on the offensive line

"Those two guys are, in my opinion, two of the best at their positions in the league. To be able to play next to Ryan Harris all the time, he makes me a better player, and Ryan Clady came into this league and just played awesome. To have us three guys to be able to play together hopefully for a long time, we're going to do some good things up front."

On taking on a leadership role on the offensive line

"I just kind of fell into it. Being in my fifth year, it's a little bit different because when I came in there were 10-, 11-, 13-year guys. But I definitely embrace it, and I enjoy it, too. We've also got OL Russ Hochstein, and he has played a lot of games in the NFL. I  still talk to him about things that he's done in the NFL that probably we have yet to see. But I definitely embrace the role and I'm happy that's something that I can do now."

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