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          Hey guys, been a while since i made a post. I usually just lurk during the Offseason. I am a fan of Eddie Royal on Facebook and he has run a contest. The contest is to make a comment on his facebook profile and get as many "likes" on your comment, the most likes wins 2 tickets to any game! I am currently in the lead but people are right behind me. It would help a lot if those with a facebook would "like" my status! All you need to do is go to!/photo.php?pid=4466684&id=75419815786  Then, "like" Eddie's profile, then "like" my comment. I made the very first comment so you may need to hit "previous comments" a couple times to get to it. Only takes a few secs. Thanks.

So i thought i would put out some projection for some players this upcoming year.


Moreno- I see him improving much in his 2nd year. I see something special in him, not sure why, but i believe he has potential to turn into a top 5 or so RB. I fully expect him to crack a 100 yard game (Not just one) and achieve over 1000 yards. Great agility, if you remember that run he had against the Giants, where he broke like 3 tacklers, it shows you something.

Buckhalter- He had a GREAT ypc last year if i remember and i love him as a second option to Moreno. He can pick up the first down when needed to and it seems that he came though with some nice gains last year. He will cut into Moreno carries of course which prevents Moreno from being a featured back, which i think may throw off Moreno's rhythm a bit, but it allows for rest and the NFL is really turning into a committee system so i think it is for the best.

Arrington- I am excited for him. It shows something that we brought him here 2 years in a row. MCD must feel that he will be an asset to the team. I think that his biggest asset may be if he returns kicks and punts in which will let Eddie focus on WR. I like him as a speedy 3rd down back. Nice pickup.


Royal- Someone has to pick up those 100+ catches from marsh. I expect Royal to pick up a lot of them. He is going back to the slot it seems which is the best place for him. I expect him to rack up around 60 balls, a serious improvement from last year. I think he may even get close to his rookie #'s only if the OL proves healthy.

Gaffney- He is an unknown for me. Kind of wierd to say b/c he may end up being our #1 wr. He quietly racked up 54 catches last year and if he is the #1 target, that could improve dramatically. I think he may actually benefit of the o line performance decreases b/c we all know how fond Orton is of short passes as the pressure packs on him. I think 90 catches is not unrealistic

Thomas- Tremendous deep play threat. Would love for us to bomb out a few 40 yarders to him down the sideline and see what he can do. I think it may take him a year to adjust to NFL play but i love his potential.

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