Aussie Meanderings: A golf analogy on our quarterback situation.

Hey Everyone!


Long time since I posted.


I have been listening to points of view regarding Tim Tebow. I just dont buy into getting a player in the 1st round who will sit for 2-3 seasons. It makes no financial nor team sense.


McD, from his actions, believes that Tebow can elevate the play of the team. Thats the only way to read his drafting int the 1st round.


So I came up with a golfing analogy.


Read below the fold:


Look....I am going to give you all an can take it or leave it...

I am trying to improve golf game. Over the years I have been making good improvements, and 4 years ago I got fitted got clubs….game improvement clubs…..and they have taken me to where I have shot under 80 3-4 times and I shoot low to mid 80’s.
But now as my game has advanced, I need player clubs. I am starting to shape shots, and my old clubs I could get it done, but not how I WANTED to get it done.
So I bought some player clubs. I researched, I spoke with pros and some scratch golfer friends of mine:
“Boydy, understand that your game will struggle for the first 5-10 rounds. You will hit some great shots….but you will have to get used to distance, mishits, redo your yardages etc”
“So I have to go backwards for a short time so that I can reach my potential”
“Yeah…unless you are happy to shoot low to mid 80’s all the time?”
“Nope…I want to consistently shoot low 80’s into high 70’s with some low 70 rounds!”
“Cool….well, deal with the setbacks at first, persevere, use course management to limit mistakes when you play and gradually grow into those clubs.”
The last 2 rounds I have been 1 over after 7 holes from the Blues, and 4 over after 9 shooting from near the tips.
My point: The team can be adequate with Orton starting. He will definitely improve, and occasionally we will see some GREAT games out of him and the offense (like my old clubs). We might reach the play offs, we could have a winning record. I love Kyle Orton….I also still like my old clubs.
But….if we want this team to be elite (like I want my golf game to be) then we have to be prepared to take some lumps when we bring in Tebow. We WILL take some steps forward, and some back. But Tebow is the new clubs that McDaniels has chosen.
Just like me using better course management to deal with the inconsistencies with my new clubs, I trust that McDaniels is a good enough “golf player” that he game manage Tebow where he can use his strengths straight away and limit the negatives.
I tell you what i am NOT doing. 
I did not buy NEW clubs for a premium so I could let them sit in my garage and hope that my old clubs can get the job done. I went out and played my new clubs, content in the knowledge that in the future my golf game will be a LOT better.


Love to hear everyone's feedback!

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