Mock Season - Broncos@Jags FINAL SCORE POSTED!

UPDATE: FINAL SCORE IS POSTED. The most informative part of this post should be the next phase: the deconstruction. Analyze what happened. Discuss the plays. Which ones were realistic, and which ones were ridiculously optimistic? Most intriguing to me was the swapping out of quarterbacks. Is this plausible? Those of you who love to second-guess coaching decisions, let's hear it! Give your reasoning for thinking plays are ridiculous.

ORIGINAL POST: How would YOU mock up the first game of the season? How do you think Coach McDaniels will set the roster, call the plays, and how will Jax respond? As a pass time in this non-season part of the of-season, I thought it would be interesting to mock a game, sort of like a mock draft. 

Follow me after the jump for the rules and regs, and let's see if we can accurately predict some of what we'll see from the 2010 Broncos in context!

To prevent outlandish play predictions, let's keep this civil and believable. No passes from Beadles to Bailey just to be cute, please. And no extreme Kool-Aid (Tebow passes 90 yards to Thomas, Broncos win 88-0) The goal here is to be as realistic as possible. I realize McGeorge and Boydy have differing interpretations of reality, but maybe with a good mix of posts here, we'll get a balanced idea of what we might expect from the Broncos. 

1. Each direct response to this post should contain, in the subject line, the quarter, the time on the hypothetical clock when the play begins and ends, as well as the down and distance.  In the body of the post, please include a description of the play, the players involved, the results of the play, and WHAT EVIDENCE YOU HAVE SEEN to indicate that this is a realistic play possibility.

simple example: Q1 14:49-14:41 - 1st and 10

Orton hand off to Moreno, up the gut, gain of 4, tackle by some Jaghead. 

Based upon: 1st down is often a running down. McD opened the 2009 season with a Buckhalter run up the middle.

Evidence can include things McD or players have indicated in interviews, previous player or coaching tendencies, etc. 

2. The next poster should begin his play 30 seconds from the end of the previous play, unless a timeout has been called. 

3. Feel free to call time-outs, and to post multiple consecutive plays.

4. Please discuss the play, its plausibility, its pros and cons, etc. in response to the individual play's post.

5. If more than one poster attempts to mock the same play, for the purposes of this mock, the first one posted (starting with that time) will be considered "official" and all subsequent plays should be based on the official play. No one is stopping you from discussion the alternate play, though!

6. Don't make fun of people for making a mistake. Let's all learn here! For example, if I post a deep pass play on 3rd and inches, while all previous plays have suggested we could absolutely pick up the yardage, just remind me that that's probably not the way it would play out, and explain why. 

I'm sure there are items that will come up which I've forgotten to address. Let's get to the coin toss and see what we can make happen!


1st poster, you are the team captain for the visiting team. Call it, heads or tails. Then I'll flip a coin and let you know who won. The first poster also gets to be the winner in either case, and decides who will receive. 

:::cue the mock NFL music - let's assume this is not on Fox so we don't have to deal with that damned robot::::

Let's go to it!

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